UPS Drug Testing Policy

Hey everybody! I hope you’re doing good. Today I’ll discuss whether UPS does a drug test or not. I’ve done some research on this and thankfully, I know quite a few people who work at UPS and they have helped me find out information about the company’s drug policies. I know people there who have gone through the interview process as well as people who have worked there for years and know exactly what the drug process looks like at UPS.

How UPS Handles Drug Testing New Hires

So does UPS drug test on your first interview? I’ve got good news, they don’t! Now with that out of the way, let’s talk about their drug policies when you are working for them and whether they do drug tests randomly or not. First I need to make sure that you are aware of all the drug test beating products, so just go over to Google or check at the bottom of this page to see my recommendations on how you can beat every drug test method imaginable.

UPS does not drug test during interviews. However, I have heard that if the manager interviewing you suspects that you are on substance, he/she has every right to make you go through the test. So this is like a hit and miss situation and I recommend you come prepared just in case. 

And for regular employees, UPS does a regular random test on forklift operators, warehouse workers, and their drivers. You will have to take a drug test regularly and this drug test is often random because they want to make sure that people who are handling their machinery or driving their cars are not under influence of any substance.

So keep in mind that if the test finds marijuana or cannabis in your body, they can fire you instantly. This has actually happened in the past to two of my friends who I’ll not name but you just need to make sure that you are careful if you smoke weed or marijuana while working at UPS.

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I highly recommend that you buy some of these products (or this quick detox)in advance just to make sure that whenever a drug test appears, you have a few in hand instead of getting them shipped which takes time.

I also highly recommend that you completely stop smoking as soon as you find out that they are about to get you to take a drug test. UPS drug tests are based on the urine method, so synthetic urine should easily be able to help you pass the test.