The Top 7 Cannabis-Related Activities to Do When Visiting Canada


Cannabis is a mega-industry, and everybody wants to benefit from this thriving market.

Stoners all over the world go to Canada to experience recreational pot. Statistics show that the sales of cannabis in Canada have exceeded $1 billion since it became legal and this is partly due to tourism.

The consumers behind this figure are not all your typical “stoner” but are made up in large part by the middle-class and aging population in Canada. While physical dispensaries contribute the majority of these sales, the convenience and negative social stigma of visiting a physical cannabis dispensary versus an online dispensary in Canada have seen the e commerce share of retail grow substantially.

The marijuana tourism industry is flourishing in Canada because users can freely smoke in their private properties, and this makes it easier for tourists to enjoy while on vacation.  Stoners visiting Canada solely for cannabis and marijuana tourism in Canada will have a lot to gain. There are a lot of activities ranging from cannabis focused yoga treats, massages, dining experiences, and even cannabis friendly signs in the hospitality sector, showing how open Canadians have become towards the 420 friendly lifestyle.

Stoners, who freely partake in cannabis products ranging from edibles to bongs or a good old-fashioned joint, will need to take a trip to Canada to enjoy a new dimension of comfort.

We’ve picked seven stoner activities that you can enjoy when visiting different cities in Canada. This includes the best cultural activities, the best parks, the best place to exercise your appetite, and where you can crash out.

Stoners have to keep in mind that before visiting Canada they should know the various laws relating to cannabis consumption so as not to get arrested or deported. To consume cannabis in Canada, most provinces require users to be at least 19 years before consuming cannabis.

Stoners are allowed to carry a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis in public, which is similar to about 50 joints. When it comes to public consumption, the laws vary from one state to another. So, it’s recommended reading the laws of the province you are visiting before consuming cannabis.

Although most local jurisdictions haven’t set specific guidelines for cannabis tourism, stoners are allowed to smoke and perform a lot of 420 activities while on vacation. So, here is how you can make your stoner holiday to Canada fruitful.

Cannabis tourism in Canada

Canada High Tours welcomes stoners who want the most enriching experience. This trip is filled with numerous activities ranging from downtown walking art tours to pot and paint artistry classes. Furthermore, these tours are organized in major Canadian cities for you to enjoy. 

Cannabis-focused tour companies

Butiq Escapes offers a luxurious experience, including hiking activities for stoners to enjoy on Canada’s Westcoast. What’s more, based out of Toronto, Canadian Kush Tours takes care of your entire trip, from arranging your flight, pickups to setting up your accommodation and making bud-friendly schedules.

Stoner-friendly accommodations

CannaIsland is Atlantic Canada’s connection solely focused on providing 420 accommodation for stoners as well as events, food, and beverages.

Bud and Breakfast are necessarily the Airbnb for stoner vacation rentals. They offer a lot of services ranging from lodgings to private room rentals or complete getaway homes, which will suit any stoner.

In Ontario’s cottage country, stoners can enjoy Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa, a boutique resort meant for adult stoners. Also, stoners can freely smoke pot on the property grounds and in specially designed rooms.

Stoners who love to camp will gain the most experience from this place; even the national and provincial parks join the cannabis tourism train. According to Parks Canada, stoners can freely consume cannabis within national parks ground at your site.

Yoga and SPA weed retreats

Another high activity for stoner visitors to Canada is the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, where you can find yoga retreats that incorporate marijuana and the general 420 lifestyle. This is the perfect activity to de-stress and ease your aches and pains while chilling on the fresh mountain air.

The Sentinel in the west Kootenay locale of British Columbia offers otherworldly workshops and retreats for stoners who want to gain elevated experiences with the medicinal powers of cannabis.

If you are visiting Ontario, then go to St. Anne’s Spa to gain the highest canna-massage experience. This one of a kind treatment utilizes essential oils mixed with CBD to offer profound relaxation and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dope dining experience

Most stoners travel not only smoke weed all day but to enjoy culinary and food tours. The Nomad Cook is highly famous for its delicious cannabis-infused cooking and culinary experiences.

Stoners visiting Vancouver can head to the New Amsterdam Café. This place is divided into a coffee shop and a smoke lounge, like the real coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Attending a free-spirited festival

Sundays in Montreal are filled with the sounds of the Tam-Tams.  Stoners can go to the mount royal park and enjoy this free gathering of drummers and dancers. Make sure you carry your snacks because you will get hungry after dancing to the tunes.

Those in the Greater Toronto Area can enjoy the Journey Festival, a tribute to the laid-back music fest and hippie culture of Woodstock.

In Edmonton, the famous Edmonton Folk Music Festival now offers a special place for stoners, which is similar to the beer-garden section.

Get Lit while touring Toronto’s Entertainment District

Stoners who enjoy vaping high-grade THC liquid, an alternative to smoking cannabis, and getting baked while enjoying a variety of paid entertainment options will find plenty to do in the entertainment district of Toronto.

Stoners who like performing arts or enjoy exploring a culturally rich part of town will enjoy getting it at Toronto’s Entertainment District. It offers broadway plays, theatre productions, musical concerts, art exhibits so that you can easily socialize and make some friends. This part of the town is also filled with hotels and restaurants to chill when you are tired or hungry.

Other activities to enjoy while in Toronto include riding a ferry on the Toronto Islands. Most stoners will like to experience riding a ferry while getting stoned from the Queen’s Day Terminal to the Toronto Islands.


Author: Shane Dwyer
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