Sol CBD Review

The CBD Oil boom is taking the world by storm and it is here to stay. But who should you trust in this boom? Surely by now, you must have noticed that nearly every company related to the health, wellness and beauty industry has its own set of CBD infused products.

A single search of CBD oil on Google returns you hundreds of product results, each by a different company. And every company claims to have the perfect blend and 100% authentic CBD oil product.

We’ve been using these products for even before they went mainstream. We have tried and tested several of these products from different vendors both on the internet and on the street. While we found many companies true to their claims, a lot of them were also found to be making fake claims with their products.

To help you find the best CBD oil retailer on the internet, we began our movement to try and test every new CBD company out there. We recently came across Sol CBD, a health and wellness company determined to provide you with quality hemp-based products.

But do their claims actually reflect the products they sell? We set out to give Sol CBD a try and here is our review of the company and some of its top products.

About Sol CBD

Sol CBD is owned by health enthusiast couple Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. Both are well known for their health and wellness articles and books. Since they have already been associated with the health and wellness industry since long before CBD Oil became mainstream, we were particularly interested in trying their products out.

Larry and Oksana know what they are doing. This much is apparent from the many blogs and e-books they have tirelessly worked on to provide people with valuable and legitimate information to improve their lives. The two started Sol CBD brand with a single mission statement in mind – to keep their products as natural as possible.

So everything you find on Sol CBD is meant to be natural and organic. For health enthusiasts, it means that their products are free from toxins, additives, chemicals, artificial fragrances, and flavors.

Sol CBD sources its hemp from Northern Europe. They use industrial hemp that is grown organically and processed properly through cold press CO2 extraction process. This is the process that yields a very high-quality natural product.

Another thing to note about the company is that they provide you with lab testing certificates which means that their products are well tested for any impurities before they are sold to customers.

Sol CBD products also have 0.001% THC. For those of you who are not aware of what this means, let’s just say that Sol’s products will never get you ‘high’ or addicted. If you’re afraid that CBD oil products may get you high and addicted, then you should definitely try Sol CBD because of the fact that there is next to none THC in their products.

THC is the main cannabinoid of the hemp plant responsible for giving a ‘high’ like feeling along with other psychoactive effects and addiction. Many companies do not follow the standard extraction process which leaves their products with significant traces of THC.

What Products Are Available Through Sol CBD?

Sol CBD has a variety of products including CBD capsules, Liposomal CBD, 3600mg tincture, CBD tincture – natural flavor, CBD tincture – Cinnamint flavor, CBD tincture for pets, and CBD balm.

Here’s what we tried.

Sol CBD 3600mg High CBD Tincture

The Sol CBD 3600mg high CBD tincture is the best product of the company. This is the high concentration CBD oil product with 3600mg CBD sold in a 120ml bottle. The product is an excellent way to find relief from chronic pain since there is a high concentration of CBD in it.

Unlike many other CBD oil products out there which are sold with 300mg concentration, the 3600mg not only provides you fast relief but is also twice as effective as any other competitive product out there.

We have personally used it for joint aches and other bodily pains and we were really happy to see results within 24 hours. It also works great for anxiety. The moment you take the first dose, you’ll start noticing the difference in about 2 hours. Your head will feel less clouded and you will be able to think better.

CBD Capsules

The CBD Capsules by Sol CBD is a great way for beginners to start with CBD oil. Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD with a recommended dosage of two pills every day. The capsules are great if you have problems with anxiety and insomnia.

For beginners, this product is a good start because of the low concentration of CBD in it. If you have never tried CBD before, this is where you should ideally start from. It should give you enough idea about your tolerance to CBD. If things start to get better, it means that 15 – 30mg of CBD a day is good for you. And if it doesn’t, there are always higher concentration products like the 3600mg tincture available from Sol CBD.


We’re glad that we ran into Sol CBD. The fact that the product comes from a couple who have been helping people with their health and wellbeing for years can only mean that their products are much more effective than anywhere else.

Sol CBD has plenty of products to interest anyone. There’s even CBD vape oil that regular vapers can try and enjoy the same benefits CBD offers through any other form. Then there is also a tincture available for pets only.

The company has made sure that it covers all grounds from providing you not only with high-quality products but also making sure that every need is catered for. This is why they have so many different CBD oil products listed on their site.

Since their products are natural, we highly recommend beginners to try them out before they move on to another vendor.