Quick Fix Urine Plus Review

 Today we give you our Quick Fix Urine Plus reviews and break down every single fact that you need to know when you are evaluating products to pass drug tests.  With the legalization of marijuana rapidly unfolding in new States, there are many people who now choose to exercise their legal right to consume, but still need to pass drug tests for employment.  For this reason, drug testing has become a large focal point of our website and we have become authorities on recommending products that work.

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Introduction to QuickFix Plus

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The human body has multiple systems that help it with so many things, like keeping the circulation of the blood, building our immunity against diseases, and digesting our food. There is also a system for excreting waste products called the excretory system. The kidneys, the bladder, the skin, and the rectum are all part of the excretory system. Without it, our body will not be able to release the waste products, and it will result in the slow decay of our body. If these substances are not excreted, it will poison the blood, leading to death. It is important that we take care of our body, especially with the excretory system because it is sensitive and when it fails, the body will get very weak and it will eventually die.

To check the health condition of our excretory system, it is important for us to consult the doctor regularly. We should visit the clinic and avail of their tests that will give us an insight into the condition of the excretory system. Most clinics provide urinalysis and stool tests, and it will give us detailed information about what is going on inside our body. When an issue is found within the system, we will be advised by the doctor and they will tell us what to do next. Developing an issue within our excretory system is alarming because of the extreme cost of treatment for these diseases and the low chance of survival once it reached a certain level.

What is Urinalysis?

Urinalysis is a test conducted on a clinic or a hospital that requires the medical technologists to determine what is the current condition of a urine sample. The patient will be required to submit a sample of their urine, and it will be examined under the microscope. Several parameters will be considered by the hospital to determine whether the urine submitted is ok or not. Most of the time, people who have a urinary tract infection will be detected to have traces of bacteria, pus, and blood on their urine. People who have diabetes, on the other hand, will have high traces of sugar in their urine. It is very important to let someone go under this test because their health will be determined after the examination of their urine.

When taking a urinalysis, make sure that you are hydrated and you are regularly drinking two to three liters of water every day. This will ensure that the urine is healthy and the body is properly hydrated. The cost of a urinalysis depends on the laboratory, and if you wanted to get checked, you have to coordinate with a hospital or a doctor who can set up an appointment for you. Most clinics and hospitals have the technology to determine the composition of the urine, and the whole procedure can be finished in less than an hour. What you need to do is to pee on a small cup or container, and it will be the one handed over to the medical technologists for further examination.

Why Companies Require Urinalysis?

Aside from knowing your health status, urinalysis is also required by companies who are sending their applicants to the clinic for medical check-ups. Most companies are requiring their employees and applicants to undergo urinalysis because it can determine who uses illegal substances. Traces of an illegal substance, like methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin, can be detected through the urine. If you have been using these substances for the past month, it can be detected, and you will be caught. The company owners might fire you after they found out that you are using an illegal substance, or if you are still applying for a job, being detected as a user of illegal drugs will instantly keep you out from securing the job.

Companies are also conducting a random urinalysis among their employees to ensure that they are drug-free. People who are using illegal drugs should stop with their vices if they wanted to get a job. Aside from being dangerous to the body, these substances are also resulting to a lot of negative effects to someone’s social life, and they would not be able to live better if they will keep on using these illegal drugs. They should quit using these substances if they wanted to get a job and have a better life. Illegal drugs can also harm the body, and science have been saying time and time that these substances will result to many negative effects inside the brain, the nervous system, and it can be fatal as well.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Because of the number of people who are failing their urinalysis, a company called the Spectrum Labs decided to create a product that is almost identical to the real urine. The company dedicated a lot of time and effort in developing this product, and they studied the composition of the urine to find out which materials or ingredients should be used to create synthetic urine. The company employs some of the best chemists who are working together to achieve their goal of creating a realistic liquid waste. One of the ingredients that are vital to the creation of synthetic urine is urea, and it is mixed into their product to imitate the real one.

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Urea is considered as a biowaste product, and it is used as a fertilizer when processed commercially. Urea is very different from uric acid, and other companies that are selling synthetic urine are saying that they are putting uric acid in their products instead of urea. This practice will result in a failed urinalysis result. People should be wary when they are trying to buy synthetic urine, and check the brand of the product. Spectrum Labs stated that their products, Quick Fix Urine, and Quick Fix Plus, are among the highest rated synthetic urine products on the market. They have warned the people who are looking for synthetic urine to read the product label carefully because they might mistake other products as manufactured by the Spectrum Labs.

How is it Used?

There are many ways to use the synthetic urine manufactured by Spectrum Labs. Once the package has been delivered to your home, you would need to take out the bottle and see what the temperature on the packaging is. Take note of the date of your urinalysis, and store it in the fridge while waiting for the date of the test. Once the day of the test came, make sure to take the synthetic urine out of the fridge and put it inside the microwave. Heat the product for about ten seconds, and check if there is a change in the temperature. The product comes with a built-in thermometer that will give you an insight into its temperature. Make sure that you are hitting just the right amount of heat for the synthetic urine because if it is higher or lower than the body temperature, the examiner would have a doubt if the thing that you are providing them is authentic or not.

Once the bottle has been heated, bring it to the clinic with you, but you have to conceal it so that the medical technologists and other people inside the clinic or the hospital would never doubt the result of the test. Sometimes, especially when the urinalysis is required by a company, someone will be supervising you when urinating. This is to make sure that the urine you will be submitting came from you. There are instances wherein people are bringing the urine of other individuals and it is the thing that they are submitting for the urinalysis. This is a bad practice, and it would never give you an accurate result of your urine condition. You would also miss the chance of identifying the current state of your health if you will keep on using the urine from other people.

If you have to urinate under supervision, you can use other products that will conceal the synthetic urine and will provide the one who supervises you an illusion that you are peeing. These additional devices are being sold online, and you can get your hands on them if you will be researching further. You also need to remember that you have to act as natural as possible, like flushing the toilet. Do everything that you can that will convince the supervisor that you really did pee. Once you managed to execute the plan perfectly, go back to the medical technologist and submit the sample of the synthetic urine. You would not need to worry because Spectrum Labs have dedicated their time and effort to make the product as authentic as possible.

How Synthetic Urine can Help You Pass the Urinalysis?

One of the reasons why Quick Fix Urine and Quick Fix Plus became highly rated on the market is because of the ingredients that Spectrum Labs is putting onto the product. The synthetic urine that they create has the same ingredients as the real urine, and they have studied it carefully to imitate the product. Unaware medical technologists would not be able to detect the synthetic urine as a fake one because it has the same composition as the real one, and most of the time, people who have used the product from Spectrum Labs are proud to say that they passed the test because of the synthetic urine. With proper execution of the acting when being supervised, you can also submit synthetic urine to the police and other persons of authority to fool them into thinking that you are not on drugs. It is a great invention, and it will surely change your life.

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People will do everything that they can to secure the things that they wanted, even if it is illegal or immoral in the eyes of other people. Synthetic Labs used this opportunity to make a product that can fool a lot of people in the medical industry, as well as the persons in authority. Despite the passing scores given by these products, you should still go and see a real doctor who can check your body and can determine if there is something wrong with it.

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Quick Fix is decent but not the best.