Prime My Body Review

Prime My Body is noteworthy about its ground-breaking liposomal delivery system wherein cannabinoids are encased inside phospholipids. This allows the better absorption of cannabinoids into the body. Another innovation that the company is yet to launch is the “Nano Sonicated Technology” which makes the liposomes that enclose the compounds.  Today in my Prime My Body review, you’ll learn about this unique brand that caught my attention enough to deserve a write-up.  

The product line of Prime My Body is quite brilliant but there’s a drawback. You need to be a member to buy directly from the company. Yes, Prime My Body is another multi-level marketing brand that’s exclusive to its members.  (I’ve talked about that before with the Kannaway Company.)

About Prime My Body

Prime my Body oilsPrime MY Body (PMB) offers more than nano-enhanced CBD oil. This CBD company also offers other products such as protein powder and liver detox system. Under the leadership of CEO Paul Rogers, the company is set to use its multilevel marketing model to crossover to other countries.

PMB is somewhat linked to another CBD firm, Quicksilver Scientific. Quicksilver offers virtually the same products and uses the same resources, including the man behind PMB, Dr. Shade. We’re not certain to the exact business relationship between the two companies, but undoubtedly people are bewildered. Someone posted on the PMB message board about the possibility of purchasing the CBD products on Quicksilver Scientific.

Manufacturing Process

Prime My Body uses industrial hemp from domestic sources. Using ethanol, the hemp is extracted and undergoes a chromatography process to isolate THC. As long as the company performs testing for residual solvents, we have no issue about the ethanol extraction method.

PMB doesn’t seem to conduct testing for solvents. Plus, their certificates of authenticity are produced by Quicksilver Scientific which isn’t a third party. Therefore, we can’t guarantee the safety of PMB to the health and well-being of people.

Offered Products

Prime My Body has a simple product line. All the products contain cannabidiol that’s liposomal and water soluble. Here are its products in detail:

  • Nano-enhanced CBD oil: This is a full-spectrum, water-soluble CBD product. It’s available in tincture form.
  • CBD oil for pets
  • CBD moisturizer
  • RECEPT: This is the most recent product offered by PMB. This is only available for the affiliates through preorder. This product is a full spectrum CBD with liposomes made through sonication, a new process to generate liposomal delivery products.

Interestingly, PMB is introducing its own cryptocurrency, $PMB. This cryptocurrency will serve as a mode of payment between members, the firm, and perhaps even the consumers. Here’s what make us uncomfortable – paying members in digital tokens is a bit risky because there’s no proven value.

How To Become An Affiliate Member?

It’s easy! You need to pay $39 for the enrollment fee. With this money, you’ll get your own website, back-office software, and enjoy a rewards program.

Bottom Line

Prime My Body is a CBD firm that works on the multilevel model and there are certain risks for this type of business model. Yes, their products are effective and innovative but it’s a bit suspicious how they like to inflate the numbers at conferences and their absence of third-party testing.  For that reason, I suggest you check out brands that aren’t afraid to show their tests. I’m currently really liking this CBD company, and you can never go wrong with Green Garden Gold CBD as well.