Keto CBD Gummies for Fitness Minded People

Does anyone else think the CBD industry is confusing? First, it’s tough to tell why anyone would need to go pay their state for a medical marijuana card since all of the benefits of CBD seem to be the same as medical cannabis. After the federal government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is now available online and can get dropped off at your front door by the United States Postal Service with no medical card necessary. Second, it’s tough to see CBD as a wellness product since many companies infuse it into high sugar candies or fattening edibles. Shouldn’t there be keto CBD gummies or something so that health conscious people out there can try CBD out too?

Consumers are really struggling to understand CBD products which is shaking their confidence.

The lack of regulations in the CBD industry has allowed many of these CBD companies to cut corners. Customers are pushed to look for third party lab tests to verify the contents of CBD products. You cannot find any sort of comprehensive dosing instructions for CBD either. How are you to know whether you need a CBD 25mg or 10mg dose? What’s better; vaping CBD, eating CBD or taking sublingual CBD? Have you ever heard of bioavailability? What’s this about CBD not actually connecting with our endocannabinoid system? Should you actually think that while you scarf down a high-sugar fattening cookie infused with CBD that you are really looking out for your health? Why are there reports of people failing drug tests and getting arrested for possessing CBD?

How Does CBD Work?

It turns out that CBD does connect with some receptors in our bodies, like TRPV1 receptors, that have a big impact on how our brain perceives pain. But, instead of connecting with endocannabinoid system receptors like CB1 & CB2 receptors, CBD stops other molecules from connecting with the receptors. It’s why CBD can counter the effects of THC. CBD stops THC from binding to our receptors slowing its psychoactive effects. Without more in-depth peer reviewed research though, scientists are still trying to understand the full health benefits of CBD along with the repercussions, if there are any.

What is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is how much of the CBD we are putting into our bodies actually makes it to the regions that need it. If you eat CBD baked goods, the CBD needs to go through the digestive process and get metabolized before we can feel the effects of it. A lot of CBD is lost during the digestive process relative to vaping CBD or dripping CBD oil under the tongue. The type of oil is also a serious consideration. Olive or avocado oil is very thick and is slower at carrying CBD through the body, so many companies will use a thin MCT oil derived from something like coconuts to help carry CBD better through the body.

Why Are So Many CBD Products Unhealthy?

Companies are filling unhealthy products with CBD which does not make much sense considering CBD is a health and wellness product.

The hardest thing to wrap your mind around though is when a CBD company chooses to offer full fledge candy infused with CBD, or a website promotes a recipe for CBD brownies that are high in saturated fat and sugar. If CBD is a wellness product that does not get people stoned, what is the point of putting it in an unhealthy products. If CBD is the primary medicinal compound found in the cannabis plant, then aren’t the people that would be most interested in purchasing it the ones with medical problems or focused on living a healthy lifestyle? If someone is simply looking to get stoned, then yeah, put THC into whatever tastes good. But, CBD is being marketed like it’s a supplement as if we are taking a vitamin.

CBD for Strict Diets

Health conscious people typically follow strict diets like the South Beach diet or the Keto diet. They hit the gym on a regular basis and measure their body fat. They measure out their meal portions and bring it to work with them so they can count calories. They also feel joint pain and muscle fatigue and typically aren’t interested in taking acetaminophen that might damage their livers. The natural CBD alternative with no side effects is something that appeals to them but not if their only options are something outside their diet plan. Why aren’t more companies focused on things like keto CBD edibles or a low-calorie, low-sugar CBD oil that still tastes good too? These are the sort of CBD products the fitness junkies and athletes of the world might actually consider.

It only makes sense to make products like keto CBD gummies since so many of the people that need the benefits of CBD follow strict diets.

Those people struggling with severe medical conditions are often on strict diets as well. Maybe they are recovering from major surgery, maybe they have a food allergy or are even diabetic. This group of people are likely to desire a tasty CBD product that provides them pain and anxiety relief along with tasting good too. They must hear all about the CBD benefits that could quell their stomach and gut issues and wonder when the hemp derived CBD product will come along for them does not taste like dirt. It’s as if the most obvious customer base for CBD products are being entirely ignored. Maybe the industry is still trying to figure things out. Maybe they just switched out marijuana THC infused edibles with CBD edibles because that would be the easiest thing and they plan on fixing it later.


It seems that there is a whole lot of due diligence required by the customers to find the right CBD products. Here is a quick item checklist for customers shopping for their perfect fit.

  • Look for a third party lab test certificate of analysis to verify the contents of a product

  • Read customer CBD oil reviews

  • Decide what is the best delivery method for you:

    • Vape CBD

    • Sublingual CBD oil

    • CBD edibles

  • What sort of carrier is being used

  • Is there a lot of sugar or saturated fat?

The potential of CBD is remarkable to say the least. While regulatory bodies try and figure it all out and the bad players get weeded out, hopefully this guide can help you find the right CBD product for you.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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