How to Make CBD Chocolate

There is a lot to love about making edibles yourself. You get to cut costs, pick your own ingredients, choose the concentration, and fine-tune the flavor to suit your tastes. On top of that, making your own edibles is the best way to make sure the final product was made using quality materials.

It shouldn’t be the case. In an ideal world, people should be able to trust the labels of CBD edibles being sold online and on retail. But currently, CBD is such a good rush that the only way to make sure you are buying safe products is to pay a premium for them, and even then, you can’t be 100% sure. In light of that, making your own edibles stands out as an attractive alternative.

Among the long list of edibles you can try to make yourself, CBD chocolate has one of the easiest recipes to follow. Let’s look at that recipe, and at the benefits that combination provides.

Choosing the CBD product

The two main ingredients you’ll need are CBD and chocolate. You can choose whatever chocolate suits your tastes, although darker chocolate tends to be healthier. Choosing what CBD product to use, though, is more interesting.

CBD oil, tinctures, isolates, decarboxylated hemp, and butter all can be used as an ingredient to infuse the chocolate. The preparation method is similar, no matter what CBD product you choose to use. This guide will be written with CBD oil in mind, but remember that you can easily replace it with any of the alternatives above.

Step by step

You’re going to need a saucepan and a metal or tempered glass bowl you can cover the top of the saucepan with. The goal is to put water in the pan, and heat it, so the water becomes vapor, heating the bowl — and therefore the chocolate.

This is important because overheating the chocolate will make it stick to the sides of the bowl, so using vapor is the ideal. However, chocolate and water are like water and oil. They don’t mix, and if humidity gets on your molten chocolate, it will form large lumps, becoming impossible to pour. The chocolate won’t be ruined, but since you won’t be able to mix the CBD oil into those lumps, this mistake might ruin your edible. Hence why the bowl you choose needs to be able to cover the top of the saucepan, so no water will escape.

Once you figure this process out, making CBD chocolate is easy. Simply melt the chocolate, add your CBD product of choice, and stir the mixture together to spread the CBD evenly. Then pour your fresh CBD chocolate into your mold of choice. If you don’t have chocolate molds, an ice tray will do.

After that, put it in the freezer for three hours to let it solidify, and you’re done. Enjoy your CBD chocolate. It has a shelf life of about 30 days and should be kept away from the sun. Also, keep it away from pets and small children. If you want to get started but don’t have the CBD oil for it yet, you should visit

Author: Shane Dwyer
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