How To Find A Legitimate Marijuana Smoke Shop

With the legalization of marijuana in most parts of the world, it’s easily accessible to persons above the age of 21. The growth of this industry has also come with inauthentic marijuana vendors, as well as shops that capitalize on selling low-quality or fake products. This means you have to research on the different smoke shops available, and take into consideration various factors to determine whether the shop is legitimate. Let’s take a look at ways to find a legitimate marijuana smoke shop that won’t compromise your health by selling low-quality or dangerous products. 


  • Consider Employee Proficiency

It takes great skill and expert knowledge to successfully run a reputable and successful marijuana smoke shop. You can tell whether a smoke shop is legit by analyzing the information and interaction you get from the employees. Legit smoke shops must have employees who can answer any queries that you may have about the product, as well as educate you about the art of smoking marijuana. If employees tend to be reluctant to engage in conversation about the marijuana product, you can only ask yourself if they actually know various important facts about the product and industry at large. They should be familiar with the proper ways to smoke marijuana and the processes that went into its actual production. These are the kinds of topics that smoke shop employees must confidently engage in with customers.  


  • Check Product Diversity

Legitimate smoke shops are stacked with a variety of marijuana products. Various products come with different consistencies, edibles, topical products, CBD products, and flavors to cater to a wide range of clientele. If a smoke shop stacks only a singular product, it can be a clear sign that it’s an illegitimate smoke shop, as no two people share the same preference of marijuana. Legitimate marijuana smoke shops constantly adapt to the demands of the market.

Handful of Light Cannabis Sativa (close up)


  • Ensure Transparency

Due to the legalization of marijuana in most states, smoke shops are now opening on almost every corner. The rule of thumb is that the more transparent a smoke shop is, the more legitimate it is. For instance, red flags should be raised if a smoke shop sells products under a disguise, or requests to meet you at a secret location for the transaction to take place.  

Entering a legitimate marijuana smoke shop for the first time can be overwhelming, so customers should be able to ask questions about products freely without fear of intimidation or arrest.  Information such as the origin of products, different techniques obtained to get their different flavors, and their effect on the user is information that should be given openly in an authentic smoke shop. Appropriate professional language should also be used to discuss purchasing facts, such as paraphernalia types and products prices. 


  • See If Their Site Is Registered

Although weed has been legalized in most parts of different states, allocating it for purchase might prove difficult. Some legitimate weed shops are registering with a variety of websites and search engines in a bid to boost sales and expand their visibility. Online directories or maps on the nearest weed delivery services and smoke shops can enable customers to differentiate illegitimate from bona fide smoke shops. Aside from having a state registration that authenticates their place of business, smoke shop owners are using the digital world to their advantage by stating location maps and the products being offered in real-time. Whether a smoke shop has a storefront or is based online, a legitimate smoke shop can be easily located. 


  • Check The Verification Processes 

If a smoke shop is too eager to sell to any customer who visits the shop or website, eyebrows must be raised. Genuine marijuana smoke shops will not just sell products to any customer who walks in or visits the website. Responsible suppliers will take note and place appropriate disclaimers regarding the health dynamics of smoking, such as possible side effects. The legal age of the customer also has to be verified, as marijuana is not to be sold to an individual below the age of 21. 


Research and caution are required when determining a legitimate smoke shop. You must analyze factors such as employee proficiency, shop transparency, product diversity, site registration as well as customer verification processes. 

The art of smoking marijuana is developed in time and is a journey that includes trial and error, questioning, and exploring. Legitimate smoke shops must make the experience positive for their customers and create an environment where customers return to purchase more products. If your experience of a smoke shop is negative or leaves you with unanswered questions, you might want to explore other options regarding these shops.  


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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