How CBD Is Changing The World

The history of the industrial and medicinal usages of Cannabis traces back to thousands of years ago. From clothing and paper to relaxation and natural pain relief, nations from different parts of the world valued this great plant because of its usages.

However, widespread improper usage, propaganda, and prohibition tarnished the plant’s reputation. The world has slowly forgotten all the benefits that Cannabis brought for many years. 

Things started to change way back in 2018 when advocates of the plant made use of modern science to provide more proof of the benefits that Cannabis brings. These steps towards enlightenment educated a lot of people. And with the continued increase of scientific studies revolving around CBD, the component of the plant mainly responsible for its medical benefits, the popularity of Cannabis surges beyond expectation. 

This post uncovers how CBD is changing the world. Take a look below.


CBD Doesn’t Get A Person High


Yes, you heard it right. For the last five decades or so, people thought that Cannabis use is all about getting you high. It all changed with the discovery of Cannabidiol or CBD, as this chemical compound has a unique structure and non-psychoactive.

CBD has little to no THC, another element of Cannabis responsible for getting people stoned, baked, or high. THC doesn’t even show up in the result of a drug test, even if you’ve been using CBD-infused products for quite some time already. Several studies have also found out that CBD is anti-psychotic, which means that it counters anxiety, stress, and paranoia, all adverse side effects common to THC.

The findings that break apart the connection between CBD and THC have improved the image of the Cannabis plant in today’s modern society. The perceptions of people around the globe about the Cannabis plant are drastically different from how the plant appeals to the world during the last century. CBD has now become a sought-after medication for many health conditions.


CBD Made Cannabis A Miracle Plant


The potential of CBD to treat countless medical conditions has made Cannabis a miracle plant for many people, even the scientific and medical community. From alleviating multiple sclerosis to getting rid of the symptoms of epilepsy, the Cannabis plant has continued to improve the lives of millions of people from around the globe. Thanks to CBD, Cannabis has started to receive the recognition that it deserves.

CBD works differently compared to conventional pharmaceutical drugs. As you probably already know, medicines such as benzodiazepines and opiates have side effects that you can combat by taking another type of medication. With CBD, however, this kind of scenario doesn’t exist, although one of the known side effects of taking CBD is an increased appetite, you won’t have to take another drug for you to feel better.

Although there’s still a need for more time before the world accepts Cannabis as a full-blown medical treatment, developments with regards to the therapeutic benefits of the plant continue to rise. More and more people are now using CBD products like CBD oil for pain relief, insomnia, PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, epilepsy, and many other conditions. 


A Potential Benefit For Everyone


During the dark times of the Cannabis plant, a prevalent stigma revolving around it is that only individuals who are eighteen years old and above can use it. The world believed that people who are under the age of eighteen are in for some severe mental and medical problems if they consume Cannabis-derived products. CBD has changed all of these.  

The benefits that CBD brings are for everyone, even for children. Several studies pointed out the effectiveness of CBD in treating the symptoms that epileptic children experience. Experimental results also show that CBD works on the inflammation and chronic pain in the elderly. Also, CBD can help with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and many other medical and mental conditions with no recorded side effects based on the age of the users. 

The recent developments in the use of CBD in treating various conditions have changed not only the lives of people but also their opinions about the Cannabis plant. Those who were initially against CBD and Cannabis as a whole are now slowly turning into huge supporters. Even elders, who disapproved of Marijuana in the past, now use CBD and are spreading the good news to friends and family. It’s these stories that prove how CBD has impacted the world in ways people have never imagined before.


Final Thoughts


The life-changing capabilities of CBD go without saying. It is what makes Cannabis a remarkable plant, making people understand and appreciate the reasons why it has been in use even in ancient times. Unfortunately, the stigma and incorrect perceptions about CBD still shroud the eyes of many individuals today. If you or someone you know suffers from one of the conditions mentioned above, it’s high time to add CBD to your health maintenance regime and start reaping its benefits.

Shane Dwyer
Author: Shane Dwyer
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