High Supplies Review

High-supplies was established in 2006 for the love of the culture of cannabis. The founders wanted to share the different strains of cannabis with cannabis lovers across their area and city and thereby wanted to fight against the growing and use of cannabis as well making sure to meet the high demands of cannabis seeds.

Within the first year of its business, High Supplies was cataloging more than 20 regular cannabis seed strains and the range included well known feminized strains called the White Widow, Northern Pride, Northern Light, and Pure Power Plant.

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I have yet to find a website as informative as High Supplies. They literally give you the most detailed growing tips.

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In 2019, the assortment of seeds grown have changed and so have the catalog of High-supplies. They now have a collection of cultivated and original strains that are different from feminized to regular and to Sativa and indica kinds. The company makes sure that the customer gets the correct information on every new strain by testing the strain at home by a cannabis expert.

High Supplies knows the intention of the customer and offer a variety of cannabis seeds so that the growers of this plant can easily cross and create a different strain or just keep the strain available as they receive.

Only a while ago High-supplies increased the range of strains they carry by adding famous short growing auto flower seed strains such as the white widow and super skunk. You can easily find the whole collection of the strains on their website.

High-supplies has always been about affordability and guarantee. They take extra care when it comes to good customer service and fast delivery. The company is also there to help you with any kind of problem you face with cannabis seed or growing via their live chat system. They also have an extensive growth guide with many tips and tricks to help you grow the plant successfully, no matter where you live.

What Does High-Supplies Sell?

High-Supplies is all about cannabis and marijuana seeds. You’ll find any kind of seed imaginable on the site. All of the cannabis seeds that you can buy through the company possess a first-class genetic disposition. Additionally, their Dutch cultivator has enhanced and refined the existing breeds. The key advantage of this is that you get higher yields of highly effective marijuana.

Another great thing about High Supplies is that their cannabis seeds are always fresh! They are never purchased as bulk material, as a result, you’ll always get great quality seeds which are assessed before they are shipped to you. This is why the company guarantees that only the highest quality seeds are delivered to your doorstep.

Whether you are looking for feminized, regular, or auto-flowering cannabis seeds, you will find them all on High-Supplies. All seeds are from the Netherlands ensuring the highest quality and purity.

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Pictured here is Amnesia seeds(Feminized.)

The High Supplies cannabis seeds are all cultivated in the Netherlands. They are actually hybrids from the indica, ruderalis, and sativa breeds. The cannabis shop of High Supplies is divided into different categories for easy shopping. You can easily search for a breed suited for indoor or outdoor cultivation on the site or even find feminized seeds which are modified in a way to grow only the female parts. There are traditional seeds available on the site too that grow both female and male parts.

Some other categories that are favored by the longtime customers of the site are auto-flowering seeds as well as seeds that are used in medical treatments. For those of you who want specific cannabis seeds, here’s what you can find on High Supplies.

  • Big Bud (recommended for indoor)
  • Hollands Hope (recommended for outdoor)
  • Pure Power Plant (regular)
  • Blue Mystic (feminized)
  • Bubblelicious(medical)

Seeds aren’t the only things sold by High Supplies. For regular growers out there, you can find a complete list of accessories that allow you to easily grow the plant wherever you are.

Why Buy from High Supplies

If the above reasons didn’t convince you to buy from High Supplies, maybe these salient features of the vendor will. High Supplies has excellent customer support as well as a large catalog to help you pick seeds. Here are some other reasons why the site is highly recommended for your next cannabis seeds purchase.

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Easy to Find What You Are Looking for

Unlike many other cannabis seed vendors on the internet, the high supplies website is beautifully created with a lot of information on each and every seed available. You can easily search for the kind of seed you are looking for on the website.

If you’re new and you don’t know how the difference between the seeds, just visit the site, open the page of the various seeds available and you will be provided with A-Z information about the seed. Everything from growing time, to yield, to flowering time, climate, and other important information are listed to help beginners understand what they are buying.

Also, here’s where you can find delta 8 CBD summies | 10/25MG.

Buy Diesel Seeds
Pictured here is Diesel seeds (Auto-Flowering.)

High Supplies Provide a Guide

Don’t know how to grow cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors? Don’t worry because High Supplies has a free growing guide for people to help them grow seeds with best yields. This growing guide will help you based on the area you are living and the tools you would require to grow the seeds. The step by step guide is so easy to understand that even a beginner who has never grown cannabis seeds would be able to grow them.

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Shipping is Anonymous

Every package sent from High Supplies is completely anonymous. This means that nothing else other than your name and address is mentioned on the package. The package itself also looks like a standard packaged good you would otherwise receive from Amazon or other online retailers.

Great customer support

If you’ve ever stuck growing seeds, the live chat feature of High-supplies is there to help you out immediately. Get in touch with them when you are facing a problem and see how they help you out.


High Supplies is without any doubt one of the best cannabis seeds vendors on the internet. You get quality, great customer support, affordability and as well as guarantee. Where else would you find these many qualities on the internet?