Is Goodwill Going to Issue a Drug Test?

The business world completely changed in 2020, and nowadays, all stores are looking for ways to enhance the clients’ experiences. Thus, hiring top candidates is a part of that.

Goodwill, for example, has to search for the best people because they need to please the customers and provide them with what they need.

Drug testing is a part of many stores’ recruitment processes, especially in 2021 since all businesses want to ensure clients have the best experience.

Additionally, many people know Goodwill offers fantastic opportunities, but you still might have a lot of questions. You might wonder if drug testing is part of the procedures you must endure before getting hired.

Even though the interview is essential, drug testing is also essential if you wish to work at Goodwill. If you search through comments of others who’ve been hired, you might see each person was tested, even if they work online (with the e-Commerce website).

Read on, and find out everything about the Goodwill drug test. The evaluation is to check if you’re the ideal candidate for the job, so don’t miss anything – the information might help you!

Job Opportunities at Goodwill

Even though all jobs offer different alternatives, the job opportunities at Goodwill are fantastic because you might get to work with clients, grow, and learn new things.

Sure, it may be a long process, especially when you’re getting started and need to understand the company’s information and policies. However, with time, you can improve and enjoy every step in your journey! The following job alternatives are the ones you have if you want to work at Goodwill:

Store Associate

If you get a job as a Store Associate, you should be helpful to the customers because you have to provide them with the assistance they need while they’re at the store.

Store Associates also have other responsibilities within the store, such as making sure all the items on the shelves have prices.

You have to be able to give answers to the customers, so it’s an essential position and can offer you many benefits, regardless of your location.

Production Associate

Production Associates characterize for working with people as well, but this time, their responsibility is to help every person who walks through the door.

Each time a new customer is coming in, you have to search for any product they’re looking for and help them find it. At the same time, you would also need to help load and unload goods, and once you’re done, you have to prepare the items and place them in their right place in the store.

Donation Attendant

If you are a Donation Attendant, you have to work at the store location and accept different donations from all the donors.

Your responsibility is to assess new potential donations, check if they are apt to be sold or not, and decide what to do with the items.

Hiring a Goodwill Donation Attendant is not very easy because you have to be friendly, confident, and sure of yourself. However, you also need to be able to lift 50 pounds or more, as well as keep a safe work environment.


All employees have their responsibilities, and a Cashier is one of the most important jobs you could get hired to do.

A Goodwill Cashier has to give receipts to customers who buy things, record all sales, submit reports of their job, and answer any payment-related questions.

Therefore, you should be friendly, have experience handling cash, and be ready to warmly greet customers each time they are buying something.

Donation Associate

If you get hired as a Donation Associate, you have to follow Goodwill’s guidelines for customer service since you need to work with donors.

As a Goodwill Donation Associate, you have to receive all donations that come into the store. Additionally, you must thank the donors, and once you’re done, you have to give them a receipt if they want it.

Why Do Goodwill Industries Conduct Drug Tests?

The first question you may ask about Goodwill Industries is why they would conduct drug testing on a potential employee. After all, not all stores require a drug test if you wish to become an employee there.

Yes, many functional drug abusers can get jobs and be very helpful, but in many cases, life is not easy and they can have different issues depending on what they’re working on.

Therefore, it is no surprise that a company like Goodwill Industries would use drug testing as a method to detect potential drug users who may be trying to get a job there.

The Goodwill drug test is meant to allow the company to ensure customers that all the company employees are helpful and that they can provide them with the best service.

What Are Drug Tests For?

Working at Goodwill could provide you with many opportunities. However, you have to pass the interview process as well as the drug test.

The Goodwill drug test has a specific goal: detect drugs in a potential employee. If you want to work at the store, you need to be clean. Otherwise, you can’t get a position.

To provide customers with a positive experience, Goodwill wants to give many people the opportunity to work there. However, you need to be clean and pass the drug test, which is usually a urine test.

If you want to ensure you pass the Goodwill drug test, you should stop using drugs, preferably years before you try to work at the store. You may need help to deal with your drug issue, but you could definitely find it and steer your life in the right way.

Many potential employers have asked which drugs the Goodwill drug test can detect. Overall, it can identify each frequently used drug: PCP, Opiates, THC, Amphetamines, and Cocaine. Thus, it’s impossible to cheat, so you need to pass it if you want to have the best chances of getting the job.

How Long Does It Take to Test You?

If you already finished your interview to get a job at Goodwill, you may wonder how long the drug test takes, and when you may get your results.

Drug testing is an extremely fast procedure. You usually have to complete a urine test, which doesn’t take longer than a few minutes.

However, you may have to wait a few days before getting the results of the drug test. Sometimes, the company has too many potential employees, and they all need to provide their name, information, and drug test, as well as complete the interview.

Therefore, please, don’t get impatient while you’re waiting. You can get all the answers you want in just a few days, but keep in mind that you’re not the only one applying to become a Goodwill employee.

How You Can Pass a Goodwill Drug Test

You should be clean to pass the drug test Goodwill demands when you’re applying to become an employee. Yes, it might sound frustrating for some, but Goodwill takes employment very seriously.

Potential Goodwill employees should keep in mind that they should never try to cheat the drug test. It’s a mandatory procedure everyone has to go through, even if they’re in charge of working with the website instead of the physical store.

Firstly, you have to complete the interview with the Goodwill team. However, if you wait until the time of the interview to work on getting your drug test results clean, you might not have the best outcome.

Try to not use any drugs the weeks before the interview and the drug test. Consequently, the Goodwill Human Resources team could see you’re clean, and you’re interested in the employment opportunities the store offers.

How Does the Test Work?

Commonly asked questions include how the Goodwill drug test works. Overall, it’s a very simple procedure, and it occurs after the interview.

You might receive a message from Goodwill saying that you need to go to a clinic to get your drug testing done.

At the clinic, you might be asked different questions about yourself, and you have to make sure you answer truthfully. After that, you have to urinate in a bottle, and your urine has to be tested.

Once Goodwill receives your test results, you might find out whether or not you’re the next employee the store hires!

Can You Still Get Hired If You Fail a Drug Test?

Even though the interview is important, Goodwill employers don’t hire people who fail the drug test. Thus, if you want to take advantage of the employment opportunities the store offers, you have to pass the test.

Drug testing is vital, especially for a store like Goodwill. Although it offers various employment opportunities, the store policies include giving customers the best experience possible, which is why the drug test is an unavoidable part of your journey to become an employee there.

Keynote Takeaways

Goodwill provides many employment and training opportunities, and you can verify that if you visit the website and get all the information on the subject.

However, you should keep in mind that you must pass the Goodwill interview and the drug test to get hired. Within a few days after completing the interview, potential employees could get a response.

Thus, don’t go out of your way worrying about it. Instead, find relaxation methods that work for you. If you submit your drug test and pass the interview, you only need to wait a few days before you get a response from Goodwill. Good luck!

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