Black Leaf Bongs Review

When you look for high quality glass pieces, smoking accessories, and even vaporizers, you have to take a long, hard look at Black Leaf.  Based in Germany, their product offering is massive and offers a range of products from basic hand pipes to exotic styles that are one of a kind.  To me, the Black Leaf Bongs are the cornerstone of their company, and in today’s review, I’ll try to talk about why I feel this way and perhaps make you want to try a Black Leaf bong in your near future.

The Black Leaf Background

This company was founded by Ernst Meerbeck, who wanted to get his own take on glass production and artistic design into the smoking industry.  The Black Leaf Label is comprised of a growing line of smoking products that are all well represented in their uber popular retail head shop in Hennef, near Cologne, Germany.  Not ironically, the shop looks over the Hanfback River, which translates to “Hemp River.”  The store is very popular with passionate smokers of all ages.

The line of vaporizers, water pipes, hand pipes, and accessories is constantly growing and fans of the brand are always influential on what types of products the brand puts out next.  (I seriously love when brands listen to their consumers, it makes the experience so interactive rather than one way.)

Black Leaf review
You can purchase these bongs at Grass City. Click the image to view more.

You can find these bongs for sale at Grass City.  

(It’s one of my favorite places to shop for stuff like this.  Read about other online head shops here.)

Products sold by Black Leaf are affordable in addition to being high quality.

Anyone who knows Sham Wow pitch man Vince Offer knows that the Germans make good stuff!  

Vince Offer

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