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If you’re looking to grow your very own marijuana plants for the first time, it’s important to keep several things in mind. Growing pot outdoors may present many unique challenges for the novice grower, and the sheer amount of information out there on the topic is daunting.  

Growing cannabis is not as easy as it sounds. For one, different cultivation methods for other uses significantly differ. Thankfully, if you want to learn more about growing cannabis, there are tons of learning tools you can find online.  

If you want to get started in growing cannabis, here are some of the most useful blogs to help you out:  


  • Dr Cannabis 


One of the most informative blogs is for indoor growers. The site’s owner is from Uruguay, and when the country made growing cannabis legal, he started his indoor pot-growing journey with his best friends.

In the blog, you can read about their learnings and experiences when they grew their marijuana garden. You’ll learn about many aspects of growing marijuana like the right source of light and the correct temperature of its growing environment. 

Today, they’re helping over 20,000 people from different parts of the world.  


  • Toke of the Town  


Toke of the Town is an entertainment, opinion, and information blog. Marijuana enthusiasts can find tons of information in this blog like medical marijuana, culture, dispensaries, and active legislation. They also provide tips on how to properly grow marijuana or cannabis at home.  


  • Growing Marijuana Blog 


As its name suggests, Growing Marijuana Blog will provide you with a lot of tips and information on how to grow cannabis. The blog discusses the preparation for cannabis growing, proper care of the plants, and how to develop different cannabis products.  

The blog includes informational videos and a guide on growing marijuana from seeds. This blog is very valuable to people who are residing in a place where growing cannabis in their home is legal.  


  • Medical Marijuana Blog 


If you’re in the US and looking to learn more about state laws about medical marijuana, this is the blog you should visit. In this blog, aside from state laws on medical marijuana, you can also learn about the benefits of growing your cannabis at home.  

The blog also has a medical marijuana directory if you’re looking for suppliers. They also provide tips on how to procure a medical marijuana card.  


  • Marijuana Growing  


Marijuana Growing blog provides tons of references and resources about growing marijuana. The blog is very useful to experienced growers and beginners alike. 

The blog also contains videos, articles, and an active forum where you can connect with other marijuana growers. If you have questions, you can submit it to the blog, then different marijuana growers will answer your query.  


  • The Weed Blog 


The Weed Blog has a wide variety of topics about marijuana that you might be interested in. The blog has a section dedicated to growing cannabis. They also have articles to help you grow marijuana indoors and also giving you tips on how to cure marijuana plants.  


  • PotGuide 


Like many marijuana blogs, PotGuide will provide you with all the information about marijuana and legislation. The blog also has many articles relating to growing cannabis. 

PotGuide will also provide you with tips on how to grow cannabis, whether at home or in a greenhouse or tent. They also provide useful information on the right equipment you should have when growing cannabis.  


  • I Love Growing Marijuana 


If you’re starting to grow marijuana in your garden, The I Love Growing Marijuana provides the latest marijuana news and some growing tips that you might find useful. 

The growing guides in this blog are very easy to follow. You’ll also learn about the different strains of marijuana. The blog also has a forum where you can interact with other marijuana growers.  


  • Royal Queen Seeds 


Royal Queen Seeds has a designated section where it helps you grow your cannabis at home. It also has tons of articles to help you grow cannabis inside your home or in your grow room.   

Some Cannabis Growing Tips 

Each grower has their own way of growing marijuana plants, which could mean that you have a much different experience than someone else who grows marijuana on a more conventional scale.  

Here are other tips you can use to become successful when growing cannabis: 

  • The first step in growing a marijuana plant in your indoor garden is to find the proper growing medium. You’ll have to purchase a potting soil and water solution for your growing area. Also, you need to make sure that you use the correct type of nutrients for your plant. 


  • It would be best if you place the seeds in the container, then leave it alone. The reason for this is to give the plants ample time to acclimate to the growing environment without having to worry about disturbing it. 


  • As mentioned, when growing marijuana indoors, it’s important to set the proper environment. This also means that you need to invest in a good lighting system so that you can keep your plants healthy and strong. A good LED lighting system is very efficient and long-lasting, and it won’t use a lot of electricity.


  • When growing cannabis outdoors, you need to consider the pots that you’ll be using. If you’re using a large pot or container, you’ll be able to easily keep the plant from getting overcrowded. However, if you’re growing in a small space, it’s better to use a smaller pot or container. These smaller pots provide room for air circulation, allowing the plant to get the moisture it needs without overcrowding it.



There are many online resources, such as blogs, that you can use to learn about growing marijuana. There are also online communities where people share information about different types of marijuana and their experiences growing them. These blogs also have forums where you can talk to other marijuana growers and who’ve used the plant either for recreation or medicinal purposes. 

When you decide to grow marijuana, your personal preference will come into play. As long as you understand the basics of this plant and the chemicals that are needed to properly grow it, then you’re good to go.


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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