3 Things To Remember When Using Canadian Edibles

I remember eating my first edible product in Canada. My friend had introduced them to me one day and shared how great it was to experience the effects of cannabis WITHOUT smoking it.

That hooked me in right away as I was never a fan of smoking cannabis. However, I had no problems vaping and using cannabis oil on my skin.

Now, I have tried a new method of using cannabis and that was in the form of edibles. 

When I first looked into buying Canadian edibles, there were many options for me to choose from. It can certainly get overwhelming but just remember to buy a cannabis product that fits your needs based on how much THC dosage it has.

Everyone is different and you do not want to be using more cannabis than your body needs for your situation.

Anyway, this article will be going over the top 3 things you need to remember when using Canadian edibles.

Obviously, this will also apply to anyone who eats edibles, not just those who live in Canada 🙂


1 – Edibles Effects Take Much Longer

Don’t be surprised if you are not feeling any cannabis effects after 30 minutes of using edibles. Cannabis smokers may be used to the fast effects that it  gives you. However, edibles are literally the opposite of that.

In order for edibles to work, your body has to absorb the THC from the product. This can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on your body.

Also, once the cannabis starts kicking in, it will also stay much longer in your body. Typically, it can last anywhere between 12 to 24 hours!

It is always good to use edibles with friends or family around to stay safe. This is just in case you take too much and side effects like paranoia or increased heart rate comes in, then you have someone to take care of you.

So, if you are planning on working the next day, it may not be wise to use edibles especially if this is your first time doing it.

We also do not recommend anyone to be using any heavy equipment in case you get hurt while still having cannabis effects in your blood.


2 – Product Labels Are Important

If you buy a cannabis edible product and it comes with no label, you should not eat it.

I mean, would you eat food from a grocery store that has no labels on it?

Don’t understand the importance of edible products and their labels, it will tell you exactly how much THC and CBD it has.

A good rule of thumb is not to consume more than 2.5mg of THC in edibles if you are new to it. Once you build a tolerance to cannabis, you may take a slightly higher dosage.

The quick run down on THC and CBD is:

THC will give you both the high effects and any other benefits you want. CBD will give you cannabis benefits without the high effects.

Regardless of what anyone might say, when you order weed products online, they will all expire one day. So, by reading the labels of every product, you reduce the risk of eating expired products that may get you sick. Or even worse, you may get an allergic reaction to an ingredient that you cannot eat!


3 – Store Your Edibles Properly

The fact of the matter is that cannabis products like edibles will look the same as other regular food.

If you have edible brownies, they usually look like regular brownies. If you have edible gummy bears, it won’t be much different than regular gummies.

This can cause a problem if you live with people or who do not eat cannabis such as kids.

Kids accidentally eating edibles are more common than you think. So, we should avoid this at all costs and store edibles in areas that only you know about.

Label the containers accordingly and keep it out of reach from anyone that is not supposed to take it.

Also, having proper storage such as air-tight lids and away from sunlight will make your edibles last longer.


Final Thoughts on Canadian Edibles

Canadian edibles can be bought at pretty much any online stores. A place I regularly go to is Online Dispensary Canada. They offer some of the best prices in the country and offer fast shipping times!

If you live in the States or anywhere else in the world, it is important that you check the laws surrounding cannabis in your area to prevent getting in trouble.

Hopefully, you gained a better understanding of the 3 things to remember before using edibles. Now, go spread the word around and let people be better informed about this topic!


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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