24 exciting 420 Party Ideas You Want To Do

For those of us who don’t know this yet,the number 420 is a famous secret word for marijuana. 420 parties refer to parties that are weed friendly and parties where weed will be used.. 420 has been a famous word for decades in cannabis subcultures. And now it has really changed into an official  holiday (on the 20th of April – the 4th month) to celebrate cannabis.


This party is so popular now that 1 in 8 Americans have been to or plan on being in a 420 party. You can buy necessary accessories from an online headshop to level up your 420 party at home.


Here are some 24 ideas to make your 420 party a big hit.


Play Giant Jenga


Jenga is a classic game. There have been 50 million Jenga sets sold worldwide since it was launched in 1983. To put in a game attraction in your 420 party, you can have a giant set of Jenga. It’s DIY friendly. You can make the giant Jenga game set by yourself.


But if you want to buy the set you can get it from all sorts of retailers – from Amazon to Target. This giant Jenga is gonna keep all the guests busy. You can put some funny dare in each block. It is also a fun coordination game for those who have indulged in a little bit of weed.


Try Vaping


Vape is the best alternative to smoking. You don’t have to worry about any ashes or smells which might be disturbing for others. Vaping at a 420 party is a great way to increase the partying mood for smokers. And if you have some vape lovers at this party then it’s gonna make their day. Beware of the health warnings and vape responsibly.


Have a Nature Party


For a nature inspired party, you could hold the party outdoors.. So, your nature loving guests will experience the beauty of nature while indulging in some fresh air! You can bring some munchies, blankets, wireless speakers or an acoustic guitar to throw a small 420 picnic party.


Hotbox a Blanket Fort


A blanket fort is actually an eye-catching attraction for kids. But in a 420 party, it can be a fun experience for adults creating little tipi huts for 420 activities. Pinterest and other similar sites provide a variety of ideas for making a blanket fort. To get rid of any weed smell make sure you use a vaporizer. It’s safer cause it won’t start a fire as smoking can do.


Set Up a 420 Friendly Photo Booth


For your Instagram photoshoots, a 420 crazy photo booth can level up your party extra!. It’s simple and easy to create. You just need an empty frame and a few twines to decorate. Party guests can easily hop in the frame and capture a group photo.


Curate a Collaborative 420 Friendly Playlist


Music can set the mood and the vibes for the party. So a good playlist is mandatory. The playlist must contain songs that most people will enjoy and won’t ruin their high. Song genres can be soft house lounge or EDM, or any genre of choice.


Burn Flying Wish Paper


A fun activity could be  burning flying wish paper. It’s both fun and beautiful. Guests can put in their wishes by writing in the little piece of paper then turn it into a ball and burn it. Be sure to practice fire safety though.


Plan a Cleaning Party


Cleaning with a group of friends can be a lot of fun. You can have fun while cleaning and also learn new tricks of cleaning from someone. A little weed will get you to focus on your task at hand too.


Set up A Coloring Table


To let our creative juices flow during the party vibes, a colouring table would be a great addition to 420 parties. .


Throw a Projector Party


Projectors and 420 are a good mix. You can put together a playlist of funny videos, music videos for entertainment. You can also play short films on the projector and discuss it after. Projectors are relatively inexpensive to rent for a day.


Turn on Psychedelic Lights


Psychedelic lights are perfect additions to a 420 party. Light shows are great for 420 chill vibes. These types of projectors are also affordable.


Compete in a Cone Rolling Contest


It is a perfect game to see who can roll faster and make the best cone in the contest. After that, you can enjoy the rolls and get high.


Set Some Mood Lighting

Darkness provides us a feeling of freedom as said in research. Also, it can increase the amount of creativity in people. Dimming down the lights to set the mood would be perfect for 420 parties.


Keep CBD on Hand to Defeat Anxiety


CBD helps to kill stress and gains calmness. Others can use it to increase their focus and ability to concentrate.


Don’t Forget the Black Pepper


A little bit of spice at the party can make a party look more interesting. You can place some black pepper kernels or you can make a spicy dish with black pepper and place it beside CBD and water.


Build a Hydration Station


Because marijuana will inevitably make your guests thirsty, setting up a hydration station would be a great idea to keep your guests dry mouths wet.


Cosmic Bowling


Cosmic balls can bring friends together. This version contains laser lights and music. So it can be a game-changer for a 420 party.


Design a Rest Area


A rest area can be the best cure for high people to chill them up by a good nap. You can set up a rest area where people can get comfy and chill


Get a Case of Stone Enjoy by 420 IPA


Stone’s Enjoy By IPA is a super fresh beer.Beer company Stone made a special one called Enjoy By IPA. This beer is specially made for a 420 party.


Serve 420 friendly munchies


Make sure you serve lots of snack foods to keep up with the munchies. Chips, crackers, and even grain or salad bowls are great snacks to have around at a 420 party. You can also arrange for BYOS – bring your own snacks feature to your 420 party.


Rethink Edibles


Edibles have a wide variety to choose from -cookies to gummy bears, and brownies – a good selection of edibles are a must have nowadays at a good 420 party


Create a Draw Station


When creating a draw station, you should make it portable and easily accessible. A draw station is also known as a concentrate rig. Hyer Big-E is a perfect choice and it’s also wireless.


Bake While Baked


You can bake some weed design cookies, munchies, and cake for the party. It’s simple and easy to make. There are plenty of exciting recipes that you can easily make for your 420 party. You can also come up with your own special recipe. Everyone loves snacks at every special party you just need to make or buy from the shop. Just be mindful of fire and burn safety.


Dress Up for Your 420 Party


A themed costume party can totally amp up your 420 party. Set a theme and let your guests know to dress up for it.


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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