A bill has been introduced in the Massachusetts Legislature seeking to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes and to bring it under taxation and regulation.

The bill, titled “The Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act,” was drafted by Richard M. Evans, an attorney from Northampton. The bill would legalize the possession, consumption and sale of marijuana for people over 21 and establish a series of licenses requiring annual fees.

The bill contains a lot of rules concerning cannabis packaging and licensing fees, but that is a good thing. Marijuana laws need to be specific, lest they get lost in the mire of “what ifs.” People want to know exactly what they are voting for.

Besides, the more specific a bill is, the less it can be demonized by lies from its opponents.

Massachusetts is going to be another legalization battleground, and it is a place where we have a good chance of winning. But it is up to us – the marijuana activists – and to those in MA who want to see this bill passed. Share stories and speak out; if you live in MA, contact your representative and let them know you want this bill passed. And let them know that your vote depends on theirs.

Joe Klare

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  1. Leonard Krivitsky, MD

    Canna-businesses will grow and flourish, regardless of all the obstacles thrown it way. From the Holistic point of view Cannabis is markedly pro-evolutionary, as it increases appetite, induces rest, suppresses violent urges and enhances sexual experience. Cannabis is not physically addictive, as it lacks the documented “physical withdrawal” syndrome, necessary for a physical dependence determination. The so-called “gateway drug” theory has already been determined to be invalid, and the recent scientific study declared it “half-baked”. Drug Marinol is NOT medical marijuana (and it would seem that any reasonable person would understand this), as the whole plant has over 70 active compounds, therapeutically interacting with one another in many intricate and complex ways. It is very important to stress again and again that Cannabis use, as opposed to alcohol use, suppresses violent urges and behaviors, and that any increased anti-Cannabis repression in this country will be accompanied by increase in drinking, hard drug use, and violence, including among young people. Now, to say that Cannabis plant does not have medicinal properties is the same as to say that the earth is flat, and this would simply not be considered a “rational” statement. Would then the fact that Shafer Commission recommended an immediate decriminalization of marijuana back in 1972, or the fact that Judge Francis Young called marijuana “one of the safest therapeutically-active substances known to man” really surprise anyone? I don’t think so. To win this struggle, just like with all Civil Rights struggles, we will need to overcome the “consciousness of fear”, and repeat the TRUTH about Cannabis again and again, until the necessary “qualitative shift” occurs in our common consciousness, and we will be amazed that the ridiculous Cannabis prohibition really lasted for as long as it did!

  2. daniel_7322

    We’re all for it here in Massachusetts. Hopefully, MMP and others will not stick their noses too deeply into it so we can do our thing without all of the bulls*it.

  3. daniel_7322

    It’s just that you’ve messed up your reputation and this sounds like an honest approach. We might not need your help here.

  4. Jose Barney Rodriguez

    We want marijuanna legal here in MA I have been smoking bud for almost 12 years now and its like one of the best things in life. Its a plant not a drug just like tabacco is a plant so is weed. The day it is legal you know that there will be so many happy people and I dont think that it should be for people 21 and over it should be 18 and when it is legal they should put a picture of cannibus on your license or MA state ID to show that you are a ganga smoke. I love smokin and I am proud to be one of the millions of people in the world to be called a pot head. Ima roll a blunt after I finish putting in my post. 420 24/7 forever long live marijuanna.

  5. Dana Bognar

    I was in a major Rollover accident, and I use marijuana because it helps with my pain. I thing I should be able to be prescribed medical marijuana for this reason. Anybody else know a 100% if this happened in MA? Is it true that A doctor can write u a script for it in MA for medical purposes?

  6. Peacewind

    If this goes through…the States will have officially accomplished something beofre Canada…making Mass the most open minded state…and more open minded than Canada. Boston will become North America’s Holland

  7. Phill Lamson

    to medical marijuana are trying to ELIMINATE the program established by
    the ballot initiative, and replace it with a system that will not work
    for patients!

    On Monday May 6 at 10 AM in hearing room A-2 at
    the State House, the Joint Committee on Public Health will be holding a
    hearing on Senate Bill 1031 and several other proposals that would
    prevent patients from safely accessing their medicine. MPAA has
    organized patients to speak at the hearing, and now we need help
    generating calls in opposition to the bills.


    Tell your state legislators you are opposed to S. 1031 because:

    -The restrictive list of covered conditions does not include chronic
    pain, ulcerative colitis, paralysis, and many other conditions.

    -Limiting the number of dispensaries to 10 across the whole state is not enough to meet patient need.

    -The limit of 2 ounces of medicine over one month is not enough for many patients.

    -After four months of soliciting input from all stakeholders in the
    state, the Department of Public Health has almost finished with writing
    regulations for the initiative approved by the voters. Let’s let the
    state move forward with implementing the safest and most secure medical
    marijuana law in the country rather than starting all over again from

    Then ask your state legislators to tell the Public
    Health Committee chairs Senator Keenan and Representative Sanchez not to
    support Senate Bill 1031.

    You can find the phone numbers for
    your state legislators by following the link below. You are looking for
    your “Current Elected Officials” for the “State Senate” and “State

    EXAMPLE: “Hi, my name is Frank Smith, and I am
    calling to leave a message for my state representative. I want to let
    her know that I am opposed to Senate Bill 1031 which is going to receive
    a hearing by the Joint Committee on Public Health on Monday. The bill
    would eliminate the medical marijuana program that was approved by the
    voters in November, and put in place a new system that won’t work for
    patients. The state has already put months of work into writing
    regulations for the new medical marijuana program. It doesn’t make sense
    to start over from scratch. Please tell the committee chairs Rep.
    Sanchez and Sen. Keenan to oppose S. 1031. Thank you.”

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