Why you should buy medical marijuana from a dispensary

Medical marijuana is now legal in a variety of states, and this has led to the growth of dispensaries-regulated businesses that sell marijuana products to patients who have a doctor’s recommendation. If you’re thinking of buying medical marijuana, here are five reasons why you should buy it from a dispensary rather than from a street dealer.

Medical marijuana is legal in many states. 

As mentioned above, it is legal to use and possess marijuana for medical purposes in many states. This means you don’t need to worry about getting arrested if you are caught with marijuana.

The government regulates dispensaries, so you know what you’re getting is safe. 

Dispensaries must be licensed by their state or local governments before selling marijuana products to patients who have a doctor’s recommendation. The staff at dispensaries go through extensive training on how to handle medical marijuana safely and properly dispense it to customers without any issues arising during delivery. They also undergo routine inspections from government agencies like OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) every six months to ensure compliance with all laws governing their business operations, such as keeping items off food service areas when not in use, properly labeling products with ingredients lists and warning labels for allergens or choking hazards etc.

Dispensaries offer a variety to choose from. 

When you go to a dispensary, you will have a variety of strains and products to choose from. This means that you can get the perfect product for your needs. If you’re not sure what to get, the staff at dispensaries are knowledgeable about the different strains and their effects, so they can help you make the best decision for your situation.

You can get advice from knowledgeable staff about which strain might work best for your condition. 

Dispensaries have well-trained and knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right product for your needs. They consider factors such as what type of pain or symptom you are experiencing, how long it has been going on etc. If they don’t think that medical marijuana is a good option, they may suggest other treatments.


Dispensaries often have discounts on products, making them more affordable than buying from a street dealer. 

The government regulates dispensaries, so they must keep prices competitive. This means that you can get good deals on products without having to worry about whether or not it is safe because everything at dispensaries is tested for quality control and safety before being sold to customers. It also makes them more affordable than buying from a street dealer who might have been selling tainted weed all day long.

Buying medical marijuana from a dispensary is safer, more affordable and more convenient than buying it on the street. Never buy weed off some guy in an alley or at gas station bathrooms because they are not regulated by the government, so there’s no telling what kind of chemicals have been sprayed all over their plants before coming into contact with your body (and possibly causing irreversible damage). So always go through proper channels when purchasing cannabis products; otherwise, don’t expect good results if anything happens as a result of using them illegally.


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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