What to Look for When Buying a Grow Tent

Grow tents offer gardeners the ability to set up a completely controlled and energy-efficient environment with little time investment. Investing in a grow tent means you won’t have to construct an enclosed space or modify your closet or cabinets before you start your project. Grow tents offer several additional advantages for home horticulturists, including:

  • You can completely control the environment inside a grow tent. A high-quality grow tent can eliminate light leaks and reduce noise from cooling fans.
  • Grow tents protect your plants from fungal contaminants, insect pests, and curious pets.
  • Grow tents come ready-made with supports for lights, fans, and other equipment. Grow tents also feature handy exhaust openings and viewing windows.
  • Most grow tents are already pre-lined with reflective material and include waterproof spill trays.

Factors to Consider When You Buy a Grow Tent


The size of the grow tent you choose will depend on how much space you have available, the number of plants you intend to grow, and the growing methods you use. The most popular sizes for small home grows are 4’ x 4’, 5’ x 5’, and 4’ x 8’. Smaller grow tents are excellent for seedlings, clones, or mother plants. Larger grow tents work well for setting up controlled environments in garages and spare rooms.


Grow tents come in a variety of styles. Short grow tents are ideal for tabletop use and housing seedlings or smaller plants in the vegetative stage. Multi-chamber tents allow you to set up one side for the vegetative stage and one for the flowering stage so that you can harvest perpetually. Height extensions come in handy when your buds start growing too close to the lights.


The price you pay for a grow tent will obviously depend on your budget. However, it’s well worth investing in a high-quality tent that you can use for many years. Before you lay down your cash on a grow tent, check out some quality factors, such as:

  • The tent’s structure: Make sure the frame is sturdy enough to support the weight of your lights and fans.
  • The fabric: A higher thread count means your tent will last longer and allow less light in.
  • The zippers: Poor zippers aren’t just annoying to use. They’re also a common source of light leaks.
  • The spill tray: Some spill trays are hardly waterproof and can leak between the tray and floor of the tent promoting mold growth.

Types of Grow Tents

Standard Grow Tents

Standard-quality grow tents are ideal for beginners. You can always repurpose standard tents to house seedlings or mother plants when you upgrade.

Heavy-Duty Grow Tents

A heavy-duty grow tent can last for years. Heavy-duty tents have durable fabric, better zippers, and stronger frames. You can store and set-up a heavy-duty grow tent many times without worrying too much about wear and tear.

Grow Tent Packages

Grow tent packages offer the simplest way for beginners to get started with indoor growing. They include all of the equipment you’ll need, including lights, fans, and filters. You can buy grow tent packages that are customized for the vegetative or flowering stage.

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