The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to CBD Skincare

Hot take: CBD skincare is the skincare routine you need right now. Don’t agree yet? Let’s dive into what CBD skincare is, why it can help your skin achieve its true glowing potential, and why you should try it out!

Let’s tackle all the questions and doubts you may have about CBD cosmetics together, and then you’ll either be a convert like many of us, or you’ll at least know what all the crazy hype is about and why people like it so much. Chances are, you’ll end up trying at least one CBD cosmetic product by the end of this!

What are CBD Cosmetics?

CBD cosmetics are basically cosmetic and skincare products that are infused with CBD. They’re practically everywhere and both big brands and indie brands alike are adding CBD to their products. Some even specialize in this, designing high-end CBD cosmetics exclusively!

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid. It is naturally produced by hemp and cannabis plants and is harvested from these. Yes, it comes from cannabis, but it doesn’t make you high. CBD is very different from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the substance that gives cannabis its infamous ability to make you high.

CBD is one of over one hundred cannabinoids, yet it is the most popular after THC. Though there is still a lot that we haven’t learned about CBD, it is one of the most well-studied cannabinoids as of now.

Cosmetic and skincare products that contain CBD are now known as CBD cosmetics and CBD skincare. They are usually the same in terms of formula and use as the other cosmetic and skincare products of the same type, however they contain certain amounts of CBD and possibly other cannabinoids.

Benefits of CBD Skincare

CBD has been found to have huge benefits for the skin, and though there isn’t as much scientific evidence suggesting that CBD is as amazing for the skin as some make it sound, there are many proven benefits of CBD for the skin!

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, when added to cosmetics and skincare products, these products then have the extra benefit of anti-inflammatory effects. Anti-inflammatory benefits help reduce puffiness,  reduce the appearance of blemishes, and tackle red areas.

CBD can tackle the overproduction of sebum in our skin. Sebum is the yellowish oil our skin produces (no matter the skin type). The overproduction of sebum can cause buildup in our pores leading to blackheads and pimples, and it can also make our skin oily and hard to deal with. CBD can level our sebum production, cutting down the possibility of blackheads or pimples, and making our skin look glowy without the greasiness.

People who live with eczema or acne can also benefit from using CBD skincare or cosmetics. Thanks to its ability to target inflammation and redness, and to reduce overall swelling. It is theorized that it can also help soothe the area and relieve the pain by interacting with the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) within our bodies.

The same benefits make CBD skincare products for people who have acne scarring or other types of scars, and it is often used for its scar reducing benefits. Therefore, if you have acne scars or other scaring, getting a good CBD salve or serum might be the answer for you.

Not only can CBD do all this and more, but it can also add healthy fats to our daily skincare routine. CBD oil is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are two essential healthy fats, and these can play a part in making your skin plump, hydrated, and glowy.

Is it Safe to Use CBD Cosmetics?

As of now, even with all the different products and the growing number of CBD cosmetic users, no side effects or allergic reactions have been found to be caused by using CBD. Therefore, you should be safe using products with CBD in them.

However, there have recently been a few issues regarding CBD cosmetics and skincare products, and they’re important to discuss in order to inform you about how to go about staying safe when looking for CBD products.

One of the most prominent issues have been people using CBD skincare and CBD cosmetics with ingredients in them that they are allergic or sensitive to. Yes, it sounds crazy, but the only way you can experience side effects from CBD topicals is by using one with additional ingredients that you’re allergic or sensitive to. So either do patch tests first, or read up on the ingredients before use (which you should do anyway).

Another thing you should always keep in mind is where you’re getting the CBD cosmetics. There are hundreds upon hundreds of CBD cosmetic products out there, but not all of them come from reliable sources.

In order to stay safe when purchasing CBD products, you should always keep these things in mind:

    • Is the CBD brand trustworthy and reliable?
    • Are the products tested by third-party labs? Are the results available for everyone to see?


  • Do you undergo drug testing on a regular basis? *


  • Does the product contain the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids promised?
  • Are you sensitive or allergic to any other additional ingredients in the product?

* If you are subject to regular drug tests, you want to stay away from products labelled ‘Full Spectrum’ because these contain trace amounts THC and could potentially cause you to fail a drug test. They can’t make you high, but they do have some THC which will be picked up by the tests.

How to Select Perfect CBD Skincare For You?

There are generally three types of CBD skincare products: full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate -based CBD skincare products. Here are the main differences between all of them:

  • Full spectrum CBD is made using the whole plant extract from hemp, so it will contain other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This also includes trace amounts of THC.
  • Broad spectrum CBD is CBD with other cannabinoids and sometimes terpenes and flavonoids. It does not contain THC.
  • CBD isolate is CBD’s purest form, as it is 99+% CBD and nothing else. It contains no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids, and contains no THC.

It’s important to know about all the different types of CBD products because then you can start by choosing the type of CBD works best for you. Then, we can move on to CBD percentage and how much you want to take.

All CBD cosmetics contain CBD in different amounts. There are some that contain very small amounts and others that contain larger amounts of CBD, and it’s up to you to see how much you would like to take. If you are a CBD beginner, you most likely want to start with a low CBD dosage and work your way up in order to let your body get used to the CBD and to see how you react with it.

Do your research on different CBD brands. That way you can make sure the brand is trustworthy and that you’ll be safe. This is most important because there is a small possibility of the CBD containing strong solvents or chemicals that might irritate your skin. Therefore, make sure you do your research on the brand and other people’s experience with it.

Always look for third-party lab test results on the website or directly in/on the product’s packaging. These are conducted in order to show that the CBD is safe, and that the amount of CBD and other cannabis-derived substances is true to the brand’s claims.

Ask all the questions you want to ask! A good brand is always going to be there for their customers, and it is a great opportunity to resolve any doubts about how to use the product, inquire about the additional ingredients, or resolve any other questions you may have.

Now, once you’ve made all the decisions about the type of CBD and whether the brand is good, you can cut to the fun part: choosing your product! You can choose from so many different types of products based on the benefits or uses of the product.

There are CBD face masks, CBD face creams, CBD day and night serums, CBD moisturizers and sunscreens, CBD salve, CBD spot-treatments, CBD bath bombs, CBD-infused tinctures, CBD gels and CBD hair care products, CBD shaving creams and aftershaves, CBD body mists, and even CBD deodorants! Plus so many more CBD skin care products for you to choose from!

Also, there is a whole range of CBD cosmetics and make up like CBD foundation, CBD primer, CBD brow gel and tint, CBD mascara, CBD lip balm, CBD lipstick, CBD exfoliators and face scrubs, CBD shower gels, CBD toners and micellar waters, and so many others!

So while it may seem overwhelming right now, as soon as you find a few good products, you’ll be more than ecstatic that you took this leap and started incorporating CBD into your daily skincare routine. Take the leap and enjoy your new CBD-enhanced lifestyle – your skin will thank you!


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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