The Stoner’s Guide to Visiting Maryland

It might be one of the smallest states in America, but there’s a lot to see and do in Maryland for the weed-smoking tourist. The exciting history and stunning natural environments lean very favorably to exploring Maryland, especially if you’ve had a few tokes before heading off on your adventures.

All stoners are different, and your choice of activity will depend on what you prefer doing after a few joints. This list is ideal for first-time visitors to the state who know they want to get high, but aren’t sure what to do once they’ve reached the right level.

If you’ve got a smoking trip planned to Maryland this year, here are some activity ideas you might not have considered.

First Step: Getting High

Marijuana isn’t 100% legal in the US yet, so that means you need to know exactly where to buy and how you can use your cannabis. The good news is that Maryland Marijuana is easy to come by, with a range of dispensaries available to buy from. Search online for the best places to buy your cannabis – you will find that there is a lot to choose from!

However, remember that you aren’t allowed to smoke your joints in public and that edibles are still illegal. You will need to be mindful of others when smoking in Maryland.

Stoned Art Lovers

Open since 1934, the Walters Art Museum is a great place to head with a head full of THC. There’s always something cool about experiencing art, and that increases tenfold when you’ve had a few tokes. Head to the art museum and enjoy the mind-blowing medieval art, the greek sculptures, and the paintings by artists like Monet and Raphael.

There’s even an art center where you can get creative yourself and let your fevered art dreams run free. This is a great activity for any budding artist and creative, as cannabis can help expand a person’s horizons when it comes to their artwork. Cannabis can unlock a part of your brain that is otherwise concealed – this is why cannabis is used within all creative industries.

Peace and Tranquility

Is there anywhere better to head after a smoke than an aquarium? Although it’s an award-winning facility, the National Aquarium on the Chesapeake Bay is never too busy. That means you get to explore the chilled out dolphins, the spooky shark tank, and the Australia Wild exhibit without the stress of large crowds bustling around you. Don’t miss out on the Living Seashore touch exhibit, where you can get right up close to stingrays and crabs. Tranquil and potentially hilarious fun.

Get Even Higher

Take a short break from your adventures and head to the Top of the World. This is the observation level that can be found in the Baltimore World Trade Center and will give your stoned brain something to marvel at as you stare through the installed binoculars and check out the views of the city.

For the Curious

If your tastes run a little weirder, then you absolutely have to visit Dr. Gloom’s Crypt of Curiosities. This isn’t for everyone, but if you like the idea of seeing Fijian mermaids, some antique mummified remains, and (the possibly not real) Elvis’ third nipple, then you should make it a priority to visit Dr. Gloom’s. Outlandish, creepy, and more than a little mad, this is a spot you won’t soon forget. Stick to the Sativa strains though.


When you have the Munchies

We all get a bit peckish when it comes to smoking pot, so find a great chilled café or eatery for you to vibe in and unwind. You could find and visit a food market if the weather is nice and warm, so you can sit outside in a park and relish the food while being high. The best food to eat is small, snacky foods like nachos, grilled cheese, brownies, and pizza and fries.

Getting high and heading off to explore is always fun, but remember to stay safe. Think about the legalities of Maryland and make sure that you comply with the state laws. That will make it much easier to stave off the paranoia and ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from your sticky-icky travels.


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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