The New Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer

The Puffco Peak Pro Dab vaporizer is more than a bargain. At CAD $549, this upgrade from the Puffco Peak has lived up to all the hype and razzmatazz. We tried it out to get a feel of what it’s like and we would be reporting our experience to you.

It took Roger Volodarsky three years from announcing the new development to bring it to market. While the wait was long, it was worth every second of it.

The Puffco Peak Pro is every enthusiasts dream. It is packed with sleek new features and upgrades from its predecessor: a clear indication that the guys are Puffco is a listening bunch.


Physical Features

The Puffco Peak Pro is simple as it is luxurious. From first look, you would observe a strict attention to detail, fine lines and edges, and a super matte finish.

Let’s start at the travel case. The case is a magnetic Snap-On case with magnets at the lids and back to aid function and use. Unlike what we have seen with other brands and even its predecessor the Puffco Peak, this one exudes class and functionality. The case is good to look at with its very fine abstract edges and is fully functional with pockets that hold the device and accompanying accessories.

On to the vaporizer. The Puffco Peak Pro is a beauty in itself. The guys at Puffco made some really cool upgrades from the Puffco Peak. Some of the upgrades include;

·      Changing the outer material from silicon to matte plastic; giving the Peak Pro a firmer grip and refined looks.

·      Building the new Peak Pro slightly taller with its peak attachment tapered narrower (many users have indicated that this alone improves the experience by far).

·      Providing an overall better ergonomics with accessories such as the angled nipple mouthpiece, etc.

·      Included, a new grip charging dock with USB-C charging compatibility, ergonomic nipple mouthpiece and matte finish grip are some of the exciting perks that places this smart vaporizer miles ahead of its generation.



Form meets function! The Puffco Peak Pro is super functional. Every aspect of its design, while it pays credence to the intuitive vision of its developers is also very functional for the user.

There are a few simple things that struck our attention which while they might seem so simple, made all the difference for the user.

·      Intelligent Form: You would notice that the Puffco Peak Pro is slightly taller than its predecessor, which was no mistake. The new Peak Pro was designed that way to hold more water, allowing for a smoother smoke experience. The fine matte finish also gives it a firmer grip and cleaner surface. The grip wireless charging dock allows it to have some measure of stability even when in a moving vehicle.

·      Intelligent Sensory: Intelligent sensors embedded in the atomizer chamber allow it to maintain set temperature throughout the session for an even, cleaner burn.

The device comes with 4 preset temperature modes but allows you to set and save as many modes as suit your preference. Each mode comes with its own ambient lantern glow and all function (and we mean absolutely all) can be customized to suit your needs and desires.

·      Premium Technology: The Puffco Peak Pro supports some of the funkiest and latest tech you can find on any vaporizer. It supports device charging from its wireless charging docks (there is a USB power outlet for charging your smart phone or any other device), it is Bluetooth enabled for connectivity and control, and the App enabled control is one of the best in class for most we have seen.

·      App-enabled Control: The Puffco Peak Pro app control offers a new level of control and capabilities. It allows you to set and save dozens of temperature profiles, customize time, LED colors and boost modes.

The display is also interesting with live stats information like active heat settings, bowl temperature and stats detailing your daily dabs and total dabs over a period.


1.    Q-tips and Q-tip holder for cleaning the atomizer

2.    Detachable angled nipple mouthpiece for better use outdoors

3.    Spare atomizer covers

4.    18w power charger

5.    Wireless Charging pod



·      Better vapor consistency and experience with its intelligent temperature mode settings.

·      Fun to look at and fully functional design.

·      A much larger atomizer allows for easy and an even burn of concentrates and it does very well with all types of concentrates; solvent or solvent less.

·      Intuitive app-enabled control with functions to set and save over a dozen different temp modes.




·      Pricey: At $400, the Puffco Peak Pro is one of the most expensive rigs on the market.

·      Ease of use: It can take a while to get to understand how it works and what the displays are all about.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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