The Best Glass Blunt Store In 2020

There has been a surge of Glass Blunt Stores in 2020, but not all of them are offering quality. It’s important to focus on the details when searching for Glass Blunts to buy. There was a specific Glass Blunt Store that stood out to us among the many others, and the reason was because of the ceramic material being used. The ceramic design eliminates toxins found in metal alternatives, which can be found readily on the market.


People also call it the twisty glass blunt because of the twist motion necessary to load cannabis and push out the ash. Its design makes it possible for marijuana users to smoke without needing to roll their own joints. Rolling blunts and joints can be difficult for some people who smoke marijuana, this makes it a more simple process. Avoid burning your throat with a 30% reduction in temperature. Thanks to the glass material the smoke has to pass through, its heat is reduced.

This product came alive with the mission among friends to create an efficient and convenient way to smoke cannabis. Find the best alternative to the one hitter quitter, and normal weed pipes. The design of this Glass Blunt was done so with safe material and easy to clean. Use this Glass Blunt as a bowl for your bong that can load an entire gram of cannabis. 


Not everyone knows about Glass Blunt Pipes, but they are starting to surge in popularity. The proof can be seen in the data from Google trends. In April.12.2020, it peaked at an all time popularity on Google. This happened right before the famous pothead day of the year known as 420. People are wanting to smoke their weed using a Glass Blunt pipe and the proof in the data from Google’s Search Engine. 


This is why there are so many Glass Blunt Store websites popping up, because of the potential money to be made. However, do not risk your health by buying cheap Glass Blunts.




Experience an improved method to smoke your cannabis on the go for $29.99. This price is worth the investment, and will pay for itself back in the amount of money saved from not having to buy rolling papers. Those who are backwood smokers can benefit from switching to this healthier alternative. They can also save money as the average price for a 5 pack of backwoods cost $10.00 in California. 


How To Pack A Glass Blunt Video

It’s really easy to pack a Glass Blunt pipe, and they have a video demonstrating just this below. It’s quite simple to pack, simply add the ground cannabis into it, and twist away until it’s closed. Silicone caps are included to seal for a later session. The best place for information and resources for Glass Blunts is at the official website 



Author: Shane Dwyer
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