The Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Drinks


Сannabis is getting more popular because of legalization. The plant is gradually losing its image of a drug and a menace to society. Many people use marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

But some are not willing to check the plant’s healing properties. Far not everyone wants to smoke it, mostly because of the health risks associated with it. That’s why the medical and recreational markets launched an impressive span of cannabis-infused drinks. What are they? Are they useful? Who can drink them? Let’s clear that up, guys.


Infused Combinations on the Rise


Not so long ago, a person who smoked marijuana was viewed as a potential client of outpatient drug rehab (find it here). Things have changed.

Cannabis is claimed to be useful and is combined with such drinks as coffee, juices, and tea. There’s even CBD water on the market. Now consumers can get a new experience from the drinks they are used to. For example, you can start your morning with a canna-coffee made from eco-friendly cannabis-infused coffee pods and stay relaxed yet alert throughout the day.

Cannabis-infused beverages are making a stir in both big and small businesses. In 2018, Constellation Brands, an owner of a big wine business, SVEDKA vodka, and Casa Noble tequila, invested $4 billion in a Canadian marijuana company Canopy. And Budweiser’s parent company (AB InBev) announced a $100 million deal with Tilray, another cannabis producer.

Coke also showed interest in creating CBD-infused drinks. Unlike other big beverage companies, Coke doesn’t want to make a drink that would get people high. As you may know, CBD is an active component of marijuana that has medical properties but doesn’t cause the euphoric effects that occur with THC.

Many small businesses that produce cannabis-infused beverage start to appear. But as some green stuff lovers say: “Who needs the companies when a cannabis-infused beverage is so easy to make at home?”

Indeed, in the net, you can find a recipe of your favorite drink that can be modified with cannabis. Resourceful people who enjoy cooking try to mix different flavors and come up with different recipes, like bud-infused boba tea, pot-infused pumpkin spice latte, vanilla cannabis milkshake, Pina Canna-lada, CBD-infused mojito, and even canna-infused pre-workout protein shake.


Why is Drinking Cannabis so Appealing?


Infused beverages offer several benefits to consumers. As cannabis is absorbed through the digestive tract it takes more time than smoking it to feel the effect. But this effect is milder and doesn’t interfere with your daily schedule.

Of course, you can still get completely blazed from marijuana-infused drink. But it’s much easier to stay on a safe side by regulating consumption with “sips” and not “chunks”. It’s especially important for those who are unfamiliar with cannabis and are just beginning their acquaintance. For such users, it can be a good idea to start with a CBD-infused drink. In this case, there’s almost no danger in overconsumption.

People who don’t smoke tobacco don’t like the option of smoking marijuana. When it burns, harmful toxins and carcinogens are emitted and inhaled with smoke. So, some are more inclined to drink it.

While smoking a joint can be smelled a mile away, no one would know that you have indulged yourself with a refreshing cannabis beverage. Moreover, the taste will satisfy your taste buds much better than smoke.

Additionally, the development of this business opens up space for public consumption in bars and restaurants.


What Will Drinking Cannabis Bring You?


Of course, smoking, vaping, eating, or extracting cannabis will never go away as tastes differ. But since many consumers begin to show interest in drinking cannabis, they want to know what medical and recreational benefits they will reap.

We should warn you from the start, before using marijuana to treat your condition, prepare properly. It’s important to stick to an adequate dosage and frequency of usage. Otherwise, you can end in outpatient rehab. There’re outpatient rehab centers established for marijuana addicts. You should be a responsible user.

So, people with particular conditions can find cannabis-infused drinks really helpful:

  • Scientists from the University of Nottingham, UK, claim that cannabinoids lower blood pressure and     improve blood circulation in human tissue. Thus, a drink containing marijuana can aid the heart and even reduce the damage caused by the attack.    
  • Spanish scientists researched anti-inflammatory agents of cannabis and found out that the plant can reduce the inflammation in the joints caused by arthritis.
  • Another research conducted by Spanish researchers has come to the conclusion that active compounds of cannabis (mainly THC and CBD) have pain-fighting properties.
  • A study carried out by a team of researchers from Scientists at Washington State University found that cannabis can significantly reduce levels of anxiety, stress, and depression.    
  • There’s also evidence that cannabis aids the auto-immune system. Scientists from Michigan State University found out that HIV patients who consume marijuana can prevent the condition from developing into AIDS.
  • A study conducted by GW Pharmaceuticals in the UK, have demonstrated that CBD and THCV help to raise metabolism, speed weight-loss, and even lower cholesterol.
  • According to the British Medical Association’s review of 13 studies, THC has shown to relieve nausea, vomiting and stimulate appetite in patients who undergo chemotherapy.
  • A study carried out by the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado found out that both ingested and inhaled cannabis brought migraine relief to 40% of the participants.
  • Did you know that cannabis enhances lung functioning rather than inhibiting it as in case of tobacco smoking? In fact, tobacco acts as a bronchoconstrictor, and cannabis – as a bronchodilator. Fortunately, we can consume     marijuana in many ways. Canna-infused tea is a wonderful alternative     to smoking as it excludes inhaling the harmful toxins. Lung capacity increases and many respiratory issues fade.      

Some of the above-listed health issues, like pain, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting are the symptoms of alcohol/drug withdrawal syndrome. With such healing properties of cannabis, it’s clear why medical marijuana is included in some outpatient rehab programs.