Sagely Naturals Review

Before I start my review of Sagely Naturals, I want to address the claims made by every single CBD vendor out there that uses hemp plant as the source of the CBD oil. Every brand out there says the same thing that their CBD oil is sourced from non-GMO and organic hemp. GMO is a term that stands for genetically modified hemp and it is something you really don’t want to get on your hands.

Here’s what these companies are not telling you. The hemp plant is non-GMO naturally. It is a plant that grows quickly that you don’t even need to add any pesticides or herbicides to kill weeds or prevent plant-eating insects from running the plant. If the garden in which the plant is growing is well tended, there is really very little chance of weeds and pests causing damage.

So, if a CBD seller tells you that their cannabidiol comes from an organically grown non-GMO hemp, you should be aware that this is just the bare minimum standard and nothing special. Let’s just say companies are using this technical term to make a fool of you. There is nothing to boast about non-GMO hemp.

That said, today I am going to review Sagely Naturals, a CBD oil company that is doing things a bit differently from its competition.

About Sagely Naturals

The Sagely Naturals brand was founded in 2015 by Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol. It was founded at a time when CBD was still new and followed strict regulations and industry standards. Even in 2019, the company has retained the same great standards it started out with.

In order to develop their unique CBD oil products, the two took help from Ph.D. chemists. They also used world-class facilities and premium grade hemp to create all their products to begin with. This is why all Sagely Naturals products are created in GMP certified facilities, a sign that the company employs the highest standards in manufacturing.

Also, unlike many other CBD oil brands out there, Sagely Naturals triple test their products before sending them out to customers. The manufacturing process analyzes raw CBD by professional extractors. It is then tested by a third-party lab and finally, the brand selects random products from their stock for one final test.

Sagely Naturals is All Natural

Another great thing about Sagely Naturals that is worth mentioning here is their commitment to using only all natural ingredients to make their products. All their products are free from harmful chemicals such as PEGs, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors. The two founders of the company are firm believers of the healing powers of plants. They have never relied on chemical-based ingredients in the past and have always tried to reduce toxic chemicals in their products.

Sagely Naturals also makes sure that they provide you with the highest quality CBD oil product by making sure their ingredients are top-notch. I have already mentioned above how they manufacturer their products in a facility that has strict standards. Since their products are triple tested, you can be confident that their product will always remain consistent and high in quality.

Most Popular Sagely Naturals CBD Products

We tried and tested a couple of Sagely Naturals CBD products and here is what we think of them.

Relief and Recovery Cream

The Relief and Recovery Cream by Sagely Naturals is a CBD cream that contains CBD-rich hemp oil, glycerin, kernel oil, Cetearyl alcohol, hemp seed oil, and many other ingredients such as argan oil, menthol, safflower seed oil, and more. The cream comes in 20oz and 40oz tubs.

The menthol and peppermint ingredients in the cream are welcoming since they provide a cool sensation as soon as you use it. Other ingredients help hydrate the skin and ensure that it gets Vitamin E and all the necessary essential fatty acids. Just try applying the cream on a sore spot and see the effects for yourself.

My first reaction of the 25mg CBD cream was not that impressive. But after trying out the cream for a couple of days, it really started to show its effectiveness. The sore area on my skin began to gradually heat up within 20 minutes and I started experiencing relief from the pain I was suffering from days.

Within the next few days, the pain in my shoulder where I had applied the cream completely disappeared.

Relief and Recovery Capsules

If you don’t like cooling and heating sensations of the CBD cream by Sagely Naturals, you could try their relief and recovery capsules. Instead of the several ingredients mentioned above, the capsules are made with turmeric which increases the absorption of CBD in the body, and other ingredients including citric acid, rice powder, and black pepper extract.

Although the capsules are meant to provide you the same relief you would otherwise get from using the CBD cream, it isn’t quite as effective and fast. The reason is that these pills contain 10mg of CBD each which is not enough for immediate or fat relief. You will have to consume at least two capsules a day for a minimum of 2-3 days to see the full effect.

If you’re in a hurry, or the pain has become unbearable, I highly recommend going with the cream alternative.


Sagely Naturals is by far the best CBD oil vendor I have come across in recent times. Their highly effective products are easy to acquire and affordable. They also have a money back guarantee should you feel the product did not do what it was intended to do.

If you’re trying out CBD oil for the first time, I would highly recommend Sagely Naturals simply because their products are triple tested for quality and are free from synthetic ingredients and chemicals. Most CBD products with harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances can often give rise to several side effects. With Sagely Naturals, you can use CBD oil without the worry of any allergic reactions.