Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary Review

There is nothing quite like Planet 13 in Las Vegas, which is quickly getting comparisons to how Apple is in their retail presence in the world of electronics.  “One of the largest dispensaries in the world,” opened in November of 2018, and it’s getting oohs and awws from just about every curious visitor who enters their state of the art facility.

Is Planet 13 The Best Dispensary in Las Vegas?

Situated a short distance from the Las Vegas strip near the intersection of Sammy Davis Jr. Drive and Desert Inn Road, just blocks from the Trump International Hotel, this is not your average dispensary.  While other local Vegas dispensaries are in strip malls, Planet 13 is a destination.

As I entered the premises, I’m warmly greeted by a staff that takes my identification and assures me that I’m in for an experience of a lifetime.  Strong words, indeed, but as I gawked at the massive structure of a building I had just entered, as well as took note of the confidence in which she said those words, I had no reason not to believe her.  In just a short minute after, I made my way through the turn-style and was in a world of marijuana goodness.

I didn’t create this video, but it was so spot on I just had to embed it for you all to truly get what to expect here.

In a City where everything is done to “one up” the next guy, Planet 13 didn’t take any shortcuts in becoming the largest dispensary in the world. The State of Nevada legalized recreational cannabis back in July of 2017, and I’m happy to say I was there when the doors to the first dispensaries opened.  It was chaos.  Lines of people of all types, from the stereotypical stoners to the business man in his best suit, there were all walks of life waiting for this day to happen.  The Source, The Apothecary, and other dispensaries had impressed me in comparison to the Colorado dispensaries that I’d known before them, and now in 2019 we’re in a time where a 40,000 square foot dispensary is certainly as prone to attracting tourists as the fountain in front of the Bellagio.

While you’ll certainly notice the sizable weed warehouse, that’s not the focal point of this must-see cannabis destination in Las Vegas. This is an entertainment destination at it’s finest, with a focus on attracting people with the interest in cannabis to bind together and enjoy the high tech functions that will blow your mind.

Before you enter, you’ll be greeted by an 18 foot LED water feature that shoots fog and mist to create an effect that every stoner would salute.  The ceiling is adorned by a row of 15 foot tall acrylic lotus flowers that can be controlled by patrons at night!  Talk about an interactive experience!

Staying true to it’s Vegas form, this dispensary is open 24 hours per day!

Let’s go back to me, after making my entrance.  (It’s so hard to keep my thoughts in one place while writing this, there is THAT MUCH to see and experience at this dispensary….)

As I stroll into the dispensary after getting my ID back, I notice the ground.  It has a pressure sensitive display that lights up as you step and walk around.  There’s also a simulated Koi Pond.  Have you noticed that everything here is akin to a 1990’s laser light show played to The Doors?

The ceiling has 3D images shot across it, and every so often floating globes fly around high in the air.  You have to experience this to believe all of the tech that has gone into this place!

As I speak to the budtender and purchase some edible gummies, I’m told that this place is far from complete.  The future plans Planet 13 has in store for it’s expansion includes a comedy club, a lounge for consumption, a bar featuring cannabis-infused drinks, a coffee shop, and a production facility that allows customers to watch the entire process of buds being tended.

The space sits on 112,000 square foot lot, and has a lot of room to expand.  Events are now common, and the world’s largest dispensary still has a lot of room to grow.

I was with some friends of mine when I visited, and since I knew I’d be compiling my thoughts for the site, I had everyone write notes so I had multiple Planet 13 reviews and opinions.  Some of the other worthwhile mentions about this destination include:

  • They have a rewards program.  (Most Las Vegas dispensaries do.)
  • You can order online and have your cannabis delivered or be ready to pick-up.
  • Locals get 20% off with a Nevada ID.
  • Out of State Medical Marijuana patients get 10-20% off.
  • Veterans, Sheriff’s and Industry Card holders get 10% off.
  • They have a HUGE selection of merchandise.

Will the novelty of all the lights, all the tech, and all the over the top touches that Planet 13 wear off soon?  Or will this be the new norm for Las Vegas dispensaries?  Only time will tell, but I will say, that I left a very happy camper.  If you are in Las Vegas, whether you are into cannabis, or not, you must check out Planet 13.

Planet 13 Address:

2548 W Desert Inn Rd

Las Vegas, Nevada


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