Myths About Buying Weed With A Canadian Dispensary Online

The claim is users of pot in Canada are rising with the market becoming increasingly valuable each day since legalization. With popularity comes a variety of methods in which to obtain the different products from numerous dispensaries to its internet presence. The priority is to ensure what you receive is third-party tested from a licensed provider. It can prove challenging in some cases.

Common Myths Associated With Shopping For Marijuana Online

Since cannabis became legal in Canada, there is a wide range of suppliers in the industry both in the real-time medium of storefront dispensaries and a multitude of online suppliers peddling their wares straight to the consumer’s door, such as with the ganja dispensary Xpress Grass.

The online mode notes of being the simplest way to shop for the products. But it is also the platform with the most misconceptions people face as far as obtaining safe products. Let’s separate some myths from the actual facts.

Myth #1:  You have to go to a storefront dispensary in order to buy marijuana legally.

People have the notion that buying cannabis over the internet is illegal. No one wants to take a chance of getting into trouble for not following the rules. While this has some basis in truth, it is only for those who live in a region where the drug is illegal, meaning to buy over the internet would then deem also unlawful. Anyone receiving or shipping products from these places could face criminal charges.

The compound is legal in Canada and many states within the United States, where it is perfectly fine to purchase the various products online if you buy from a dispensary that is licensed and legitimate. For a guide on how to buy on the internet go to

Myth #2: The compounds found online are the least safe options.

Many people believe that the weed found online is the least safe compared to the storefronts. There is no difference from the safety between the products in the real-time suppliers or those on the web if you ensure that they are licensed, reputable brands of the highest standards. You should be entirely safe if you make sure the substances you purchase are cultivated for quality, tested, and pure.

The problem you may have is if you choose to order from a business in an area where the drug is illegal, and there are no regulations in place. You have no way of precisely knowing what ingredients comprise the product you receive, exposing you to safety risks. When in Canada, buy from a Canadian supplier.

Myth #3: You are better able to make choices when you can see them in real-time.

Real-time dispensaries are not like a grocery store where you can take your time and browse products. You genuinely need to know what you want when you go in, pick it up, and go.

With the online platform, you have a wide range of choices in front of you with help available for you to make those decisions. It’s especially conducive to the novice user who will have many questions in the beginning. The best dispensaries will offer high-quality and a variety of different strains with THC in varying doses. That can be overwhelming for someone new to the use of the products.

Myth 4: Your personal information is at risk by paying with your credit card.

Paying for weed online doesn’t happen with a credit card. A majority of the dispensaries on the web are not set up to accept card payments due to bank and card company scrutiny, elevated commission fees, potential risks associated with taking credit cards for the dispensary.

In most instances, you will pay with cash when the delivery comes to your door. There are also internet shops taking cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin via apps as well as eTransfers. Follow for answers as to if you can legitimately buy pot on the web.

Final Word

The way in which you buy your weed is genuinely irrelevant. As long as you do your research to make sure that the supplier is a licensed, reputable provider, and the products have been lab-tested comprising of a high quality, you will be safe.

Buying online in today’s world is not only more convenient, but it allows shoppers the opportunity to make educated, intelligent decisions about the goods and services they receive. The web is truly the wisest option for buying cannabis.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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