Mountain Jam Glass Review

When you are looking for American-Made glass bongs, pipes, and bubblers, it’s going to be hard to not run into one of my favorite vendor’s:  Mountain Jam Glass.  Today I’ll share with you a short company profile and tell you more about what makes them stand out in the industry of American-Made smoking accessories.

The Mountain Jam Glass Company

Based in Eugene, Oregon, this company really stood out to me with their hands on nature as well as their superb customer service.  It’s also quite impressive that they offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders that are shipped to the United States!  This is a huge differentiator, and I can tell you that when I buy bongs online, I know how much time and care goes into preparing each shipment, because glass bongs certainly have a tendency to become destroyed as they travel the country through the “care” of our amazing postal service!  🙂

Now, since I like to buy a lot of things at the same time, and get them all in one shipment, I buy Mountain Jam bongs at Grass City.  They have a huge selection of products, (you can literally buy anything want there).

Other Mountain Jam Products

The wide variety of dab products include:

Glass Pipes

  • hammers
  • spoons
  • sherlocks
  • sidecars
  • steamrollers
  • bats one hitters
rasta hammer glass pipe
This hammer pipe is only $48.

Water Pipes

  • bongs
  • bubblers

Bong Slides

  • they offer bong slides in glass on glass: 14mm, and 19mm and bong pull 9mm, 12mm.

Perhaps their best quality is the cheap glass pipes they offer for sale.  They offer a closeout section with an amazing selection of cheap pipes.  

cheap mushroom pipe
This mushroom pipe is only $10 on closeout!

Author: Shane Dwyer
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