Does Lemon Juice Help Pass a Drug Test? (Your Questions Answered)

Drug tests can be scary for anyone, so be prepared when you’re backed into a corner. However, it is essential to follow factual information, so you do not get hurt. This post is going to explain whether lemon juice can help a person pass a drug test.

Does Lemon Juice Really Work?

In short, sometimes. There is no way to completely clear out your system of substances before taking a drug test. That means you cannot keep taking drugs while drinking lemon juice because the drugs are still going to appear in your urine samples.

However, drinking lemon juice can help your urine test appear negative or inconsistent. It is also good practice to drink a lot of water before your drug test, but be aware that your sample is going to appear completely transparent.

When this does happen, be prepared for your sample to be disqualified. This can be a shock, but it at least gives you a little extra time to detox your system before the next test.

Also, there is a chance you may get in trouble if it is found out to be a false negative and you have tampered with your drug test.

The Reasoning Behind This Method

Lemon juice has been used for centuries to help detox the body, so that is why it is used for drug tests. Many people have recommended detoxing to rid the body of any toxins found within.

Both lemon and limes are high in antioxidants, so that is why they are a great source of minerals, vitamins, and soluble fiber. Additionally, there is a lot of vitamin C found in lemons.

Since the citrus fruit has a lot of vitamins, it is used in a rush when trying to flush out THC metabolites from the system. However, it can only flush out small amounts of the metabolites at a time, so it is crucial to start this process days before the drug test.

Dangers of Using Lemon Juice

Drinking too much lemon juice can cause many problems with your digestive tract. This is due to the acidity levels of a lemon. It can cause you to have issues with your acid reflux, especially if you already suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Additionally, consuming too much citric acid can cause damage to tooth enamel. When the enamel wears away on your teeth, you are likely to experience tooth decay or mouth sores.

Also, citrus fruits can increase inflammation in your joints, so if you already suffer from a lot of joint pain, this could make it worse. Lastly, some people experience heartburn when consuming citric acid, so it’s essentialnot to take too much.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Juice

Yes, lemon juice can help you sometimes pass a drug test, but it can also be good for your health in general. Lemon juice has a lot of antibacterial properties, so it can help get rid of other harmful bacteria in your system.

Also, it is a great source of vitamin C, which helps with your immune system. Vitamin C is also important because it helps heal wounds and battle infections, which is vital during the current climate.

If a boost in your metabolism is what you want, then lemon juice can also help. On top of this, it can make you feel fuller, so you are less likely to binge eat after consuming marijuana.

Moreover, lemon juice can help clear your skin and reduce red patches from broken blood vessels beneath your skin.

All of these reasons are why lemon juice is not just popular when it comes to drug tests but for overall health as well.

Which Drugs Can Lemon Juice Help With?

THC found in marijuana can be somewhat detoxed from the system with lemon juice. Also, lemon juice can help with reducing how much nicotine can appear in your system during a test. Additionally, lemon juice can assist with reducing the chances of finding CBD during a drug test.

However, it also depends on the amount of THC and CBD you have consumed. CBD products that have been extracted only have small amounts of THC. When this is consumed, there is a better chance of hiding these strains in your system, and they are easier to detox.

Also, certain cannabis strains like Harlequin, Charlotte’s Web, and ACDC have very low THC contents. That means that you can use these strains and have low amounts of THC in your system.

Except, if you consume a lot of these cannabis strains, then it defeats the purpose of its low potency.

How to Use Lemon Juice to Pass a Drug Test

When you want to use lemon juice to pass a drug test, then there are three simple steps you need to take:

  1. Squeeze at least half a lemon into a cup.
  2. Add in 500ml of water.
  3. Give your drink a stir, and it is ready to consume.

Make sure to take sips from this drink over several hours. You do not want to have it all in one go. Also, it is important to drink this juice seven to eight times in the days leading up to your drug test.

Moreover, if you do vape, have this mixture in a bottle beside you and drink it periodically. This can also help with nicotine in a drug test. Some people like to use lemon juice in conjunction with baking soda for maximum impact.

Why Do Employers Require Drug Tests for Weed?

The legal environment and ramifications around marijuana use are constantly changing. That is why employers have become even more vigilant when it comes to drug testing for THC or CBD.

It is becoming very common for employers to ask employees to do a drug test. This is especially true for new employees. Even though the drug test sounds like an invasion of privacy, many companies have adopted this testing method.

Job Safety

One of the biggest reasons for drug tests in jobs is because your job could result in injuries. Employers want to make sure that the employees are all sober because it decreases the chances of injury happening while at work.

The Law Requires It

Many states and federal laws require certain occupations to run drug tests, so government jobs and healthcare are two sectors where drug tests happen often. This is because the law wants people to be in a drug-free atmosphere.

If the companies do not comply, then they could face legal consequences.

Drug Use Identification

Some companies want to just test for drugs amongst their employees because they have a strict no-drugs policy. This allows companies to eliminate prospective employees from considering this job.

Companies that have this rule are going to fire any employee that comes back with a positive drug test.

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Drug tests are not pleasant for anyone, especially for those taking the test. That is why if you have been consuming substances, it is better to be prepared with lemon juice, so you have a chance at passing the test.

However, if you have no warning on the drug test, you are stuck with the situation. In essence, take the correct steps for your detoxification and make sure not to put yourself in harm’s way when doing it.

Author: Shane Dwyer
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