How to select seeds based on THC & Genetics

For a lot of people just getting started with growing cannabis, working out which strain is the ideal strain for growing can be difficult. Indeed, there are so many different cannabis strains available for growers to invest in these days, and this can make the choice between them a real challenge! As such, as a grower looking to get started with growing and germinating cannabis seeds, it is imperative that you take the time to make sure you understand how to select seeds based on THC and genetics of the plants involved in the breeding program.

The Importance of Seed Selection

When it comes to growing your own cannabis plants, selecting the right seeds for the job is one of the most important things you will need to do. Indeed, if you choose the wrong cannabis seeds, you may end up with a harvest that isn’t what you were hoping for!


There are so many different factors that can be affected by the genetics of the seed strain that you choose, from production factors such as seed type (autoflowering, feminized, etc), germination time, mature plant height, etc, to factors which impact the actual marijuana that you harvest as buds when the time comes, such as the flavor and aroma of the buds. In addition to this, the experience that you have while taking your home grown cannabis will also be impacted by the genetics of the strain that you choose, namely due to the content of THC and CBD in the plant.


It is also worthwhile considering the specific system that you are working on when it comes to selecting seed strains for germination. For example, certain seed strains are tougher and hardier, and better suited to living in an outdoor growing operation than others. Contrastingly, other strains are generally a little less robust and better suited toward indoor growing systems, however, these strains are generally earlier to mature, flower, and harvest—and so it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of different systems, choose a system that suits your demands and situation, and then finally choose a strain of cannabis seed that will thrive in your growing system for the best results and premium harvests.

Choosing the Right Seeds

Getting started with growing cannabis seeds can be a tricky thing for many people, and so, it is vital that you consider the seeds you have chosen carefully. Don’t just buy seeds from random seed banks which seem like great bargains; seeds are expensive and not even guaranteed to germinate, so do your research to start with to make sure that you are investing in seeds that are the right type of seeds for you.


The first piece of advice for new cannabis seed growers, when choosing seeds based on their genetics, is to consider whether or not the seeds are feminized. This is key! Male cannabis plants do not flower and so will not provide any cannabis crop, which makes them worthless unless you are actually breeding your own seeds. Feminized seed packs, by contrast, have been separated so that the vast majority, if not all, of the seeds are female. This, in turn, means that you will get far more productive plants from a pack of feminized seeds; this will save you from having to sort through the seedlings to pull out any male plants, and will give you a better return on investment. It is worth noting that cannabis seeds which have been feminized will have a higher price tag than those which haven’t; however, normal seed packs will contain approximately 50/50 ratio of male to female seeds, and so half of the seeds will be wasted anyway!


Next, you’ll want to think about the strain of cannabis seed that you are choosing, especially in terms of the THC content of the seeds. Modern cannabis seed strains have been largely bred for ever higher contents of THC. Since THC is the psychoactive compound, it is an important component in recreational marijuana—so consider what you are growing for. If you want medicinal marijuana, then you should look for a strain which has a high CBD content and next to no THC at all. If you are after a super potent recreational strain, there are some seeds that offer THC contents of approximately 25-30% or greater! Or, if you’re a new cannabis user, try growing some seeds which are moderate in terms of THC content, so that you don’t end up giving yourself a mind blowing high that will leave you overwhelmed by the power and intensity of the cannabis plant!


Don’t forget to consider the health of the seeds themselves, too. Looking at the colour of the seeds is a good way to select seeds for germination that are fit and healthy; the ideal cannabis seeds should be dark tan, brown or black in colour. Furthermore, good quality cannabis seeds will also be hard to the touch; these are almost always the higher quality and more resilient seeds, so choose wisely.

In Summary

There are many different factors that you may wish to consider when cultivating your own cannabis. Understanding the factors that impact on the taste, flavor, potency, and suitability of the strain that you have chosen is integral if you are to invest in the right seeds for your growing operation. Make sure that you choose seeds that have been genetically selected and adapted to meet your growing system, too, for the best possible results from your growing attempt!


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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