How to Choose the Best CBD Seeds

Selecting the best CBD seeds can be an overwhelming task because of multiple companies and seed banks in the market to choose from.  So, arming yourself with the correct information can prove to be the best lifesaver if you’re in this situation. We have covered killer tips and tricks for choosing the right hemp seeds in the market. Please continue reading to enlighten yourself.


Consider the category of hemp seeds.

There are two main categories of cannabis seeds in the market: photoperiod feminized seeds and autoflower seeds. Autoflower seeds take around 11 weeks to mature from the time of plating them. Their light schedule is 20/4, meaning that they need 20 hours of illumination followed by 4 hours of darkness. 


On the other hand, photoperiod feminized hemp seeds are forced into flowering by minimizing illumination to 12/12. This implies that they require 12 hours of brilliance followed by 12 hours of dusk to flower.  Photoperiod feminized seeds take 8-10 weeks to mature from the time of planting them.


Regular vs. feminized seeds

Most of the market’s hemp seeds are feminized, meaning that they grow as mature female hemp plants. On the other hand, regular plants grow into male and female plants in approximately the same numbers. Although some growers are still using regular seeds, most of them have resorted to feminized seeds to avoid mixing the male and female species. Because male plants don’t add any value to their businesses, most farmers avoid the common seed varieties. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best hemp seeds, it’s advisable to go for the feminized ones.


Conduct Thorough Research 

Once you decide whether to use feminized or regular hemp seeds, there are also a host of factors to consider before you venture into farming. You need to carry out extensive research to understand the whole farming procedure. While doing some background research, strive to ask yourself various questions, such as:

  • What’s the objective of the hemp you want to grow? People venture into hemp growing for various reasons, such as increasing hemp for industrial use or developing it for medicinal reasons. If you’re growing hemp to enhance personal wellness, you need to consider the strains with the right amount of CBD compound. 
  • What’s the best CBD to THC Ratio? The type of seeds you’ll grow will depend on your target audience. While specific growers may wish to cultivate seeds that contain CBD and some THC, others require sources containing CBD only. Before you decide which seeds to purchase, ensure that you understand the type of conditions you want to help your audience treat. 
  • What type of growth do you want? The type of feminized hemp seeds to plant will depend on the environmental conditions you want to grow them. Regarding this, it’s critical to ask yourself if you wish to venture into indoor farming or an outdoor one. Further, you need to ask yourself whether the environmental conditions are damp or dry. Hotness or coldness can also determine the kind of seeds to buy.


The best CBD seeds should comply with the regulations of your state or country. In the US, the 2018 Farm Bill stipulates that the hemp plant’s THC constituent shouldn’t go beyond 0.3% THC content. So when shopping for seeds, you should ask suppliers whether their products comply with this requirement if you’re based in the US. If you come from countries where cannabis is approved, you should find out the THC percentage that the laws allow on a hemp plant.


Genetic Stability

A critical element that you should check before buying the seeds is whether they’re genetically stable.  While sources with genetic stability will lead to a bountiful harvest, unstable ones will result in a meagre yield. Besides, tough seeds have other beneficial chemicals, like terpenes. While choosing the sources, ensure that the seed bank provides comprehensive data about the product. In this regard, the seed bank should elaborate on the breeding procedure, display a sample of growing crops, and offer examination outcomes.


Terpene content

Before you choose a specific seed product, it’s critical to evaluate its terpene profile. These days, many clients prefer CBD products with high quantities of terpenes. You should therefore ensure that the product you purchase contains sufficient amounts of these additional chemicals.


Viability of the plant

Excellent seeds should be ready for planting once you purchase them. Suffice to say, breeders should offer the germination rates of the product. If you’re late in the planting season, you should go for pre-germinated seedlings for tremendous growth within a short period.


External factors 

If you intend to grow your hemp seeds outdoors, there are myriad other factors you need to consider, such as weather conditions, weeding techniques, and the type of fertilizer to apply. As regards weather conditions, you may find the Almanac and other agricultural weather prediction techniques handy. Specific years can yield bountiful hemp harvests than others. An ideal climate for outdoor hemp growth isn’t freezing and should contain some moisture.

It’s also critical to assess how your crop should grow. While some strains are susceptible to the use of fertilizers, others lack this property. Furthermore, specific seeds have been bred with pesticides, while others may require external intervention. So if weather, manure, and pesticides play a role while making your choice, you need to factor in selecting the hemp seeds. Ensure that you choose the best sources that address the conditions mentioned above.


Consider the method of growing hemp.

Planting hemp indoors may require exceptional brilliance. While some hemp plants can grow well in natural illumination, others may need artificial lights. Before you place your order, you should inquire from the supplier about the kind of lighting kit you require. Remember, if you invest in the correct lighting equipment, you may boost even weak seedlings. So get ready to spend some dollars to invest in the proper lighting equipment. When you’ve set the right illumination equipment, you should go ahead and order hemp seeds that are suitable for the environment you’ve prepared.


The other aspects that you need to consider are water distribution to your seeds, room temperature, and soil PH. You should also view the number of minerals appropriate to the sources when you aim to benefit from specific properties of CBD, such as THC and CBD.


Consider the reputation of the seller.

Reputable seed banks/companies are likely to sell high-quality seeds that satisfy the needs of various clients. Before choosing the seller, it’s critical to evaluate what the past clients say about the producers. Usually, seed sellers who offer the best quality seeds get raving reviews from previous customers.


Hemp Flower Harvest

Before choosing the seed product, you should inquire about the yields of that particular strain. Remember, the higher the works, the faster you’ll attain your ROI. High-quality hemp seeds you wish to grow should have numerous flowers and fewer leaves. So before placing your order, make sure that you understand the number of yields to expect from the specific strain you select.



If you intend to grow your hemp crop outdoors, it’s critical to evaluate the strain’s robustness. You should aim at choosing a pressure that can withstand harsh weather conditions in your region. For example, occasionally, the weather may be characterized by heavy rains and storms, chilly nights, and heatwaves. It’s, therefore, crucial to choose a strain that can withstand these challenges. Remember, particular hemp strains are vibrant and can minimize the danger of harvest loss during unpredictable weather conditions.


Available space

The available space can determine the kind of strain to choose. If you’re growing your plants indoors, choose a variety that doesn’t require a vast area. However, if you’re increasing the crop outside, you can grow big plants without any problem.



Because choosing CBD seeds can be a daunting task, the tips and tricks covered here can help you if you’re looking for the right strain to plant.


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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