How To Buy Weed In DC

When you first hear that marijuana is now legal in DC, you probably imagine popping into your nearest convenient store and purchasing the weed the way you would with your favorite candy. However, the reality on the ground is not that easy and exciting. How you can purchase weed in DC makes the weed both legal and illegal to buy. 

The dynamics of the law are what makes the act of buying weed in DC complicated. Some have been caught in legal cross-fires not knowing just where they went wrong. 

For you not to be on the wrong side of the law, here’s information on how to by weed in DC:  

What Does The Law State? 

Before we go into how you can buy weed in DC, let’s take a look at the law, which is the influencer on why there are specific ways to buy weed in DC. 

Initiative 71 is the law that was passed regarding the legalities of purchasing weed in DC. Under the law, weed is only acceptable for purchase and use for those who are above 21 years old. 

Having said that, you’re not allowed to be caught with more than 2 ounces (56 grams) of weed at a time. You can only transfer 1 ounce of weed at a time, provided there was no direct payment for the weed. 

In terms of gifting, you can only gift up to 1 ounce, as long as there’s no direct selling of the weed. In short, weed is allowed for consumption but not for industrial purposes. 

How, then, can you buy weed in DC if the only way is to get it as a gift from someone who could not buy the weed as a gift? 


  • Gift Shops 


DC has found ways to make sure that you can still enjoy marijuana without looking over your shoulder during illegal transactions. You can approach shops, such as Cloud 9 Smoke Shop, and purchase a gift in the form of artwork that comes with weed as a thank you stash. You’ll be purchasing the product without having paid for the weed. 

Undercover legal personnel visits such shops for legal analysis. Shops that have and continue to pass these tests will share this kind of information with clients. 

The other perk about purchasing from shops with storefronts is that you can always visit the store with products that you might not be happy about–be it the purchased product or the quality of the weed. There’s also less risk of not getting compensation from sellers who don’t operate from stores. 

Assorted weed buds and cone shaped joints in mixed sized glass jars on black textured surface



  • Delivery Companies 


If you decide not to leave your home, companies that sell items with the thank you marijuana product can deliver to your doorstep. There are shops available as both a storefront and a delivery company.

For your safety, it’s advisable to order from stores that have passed legal tests so that you don’t run a risk of being caught in a legal cross-fire from companies or individuals trying to bend the law to their advantage. 


  • Pick Ups 


Pickups are when you meet a brand in a private setting. Private settings may be in the form of a hotel, restaurant, or a person’s home. 

There are no guarantees of safety when taking part in a pick-up. Stories of these turning into robberies or threatened illegal purchases have made their rounds and whispers. 


  • Meet-Ups 


Meetups and pickups are a similar style of purchasing weed. The only difference is that in a meetup, the brand tells you the location. Similar risks of meeting up with criminals are present.

If illegal dealings are a part of certain meetups, you also run the risk of meeting up with an undercover agent. 


  • Pop Up Events


Pop up events are when different brands come together in a market-style to sell products together with the thank you weed. Pop up events have been critiqued for not having measures in place, especially regarding attendees that are under 21. There’s also very minimal control over the number of gifts that are purchased in an attempt to buy above the required amount of weed. 

If a pop-up event is under the eye of the law and it all goes wrong, you run the risk of being included in the group of the wrong-doers, even if you’re innocent. 


Buying weed in DC is not as straightforward as it is in other states. Buying a gift that has weed as a thank you package, or simply supporting local talent, such as art accompanied with a weed gift, is legal and safe. 

Should you decide to order online, you can find brands that deliver right to your doorstep. You can buy weed in this form right in front of a police officer and your conscience will be at ease. The other methods of pop up events, meetups, and pickups, can also be legal but run the risk of you getting entangled in illegal operations. Happy buying!


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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