How Grow Room Controllers Make Your Life Easy

If owning a grow room is growing tiresome for you, it’s time you upgrade it. Introducing technology into the grow room to maintain the delicate balance of the environment inside can take the burden off you. And that’s precisely what a grow room controller does. 

But that’s not all. An automated grow room that has a controller brings a lot more benefits with itself – it’s the holy grail for achieving high-quality crops. Not only does it do most of the work for you but also maintains the optimum climate for your plants. 

So in this post, we’ll discuss why and how a grow room controller makes things easier for you. Is it worth enough for you to buy it? Read on to decide for yourself. 

6 Benefits of Using a Grow Room Controller 

Here’s why your life will become a ton easier once you automate your grow room with a controller:

Less Work for You 

One of the top reasons why grow room owners wish to use controllers is that managing it manually is too tedious. 

Taking care of plants in a grow room without any technological help is like raising a baby. Managing light schedules day and night, ventilation, irrigation, CO2, temperature, humidity – it’s a round the clock job. 

Using controllers for grow rooms to manage all of those factors is an easy way out. The only thing you will have to worry about is entering the correct settings into the control – the rest it will handle on its own. 

So whether it’s the temperature that’s rising or the CO2 level decreasing, the device will activate the climate control devices to effectively bring the room’s environment back to normal. 

Creates the Perfect Environment

A change in the environmental factors outside can quickly affect the conditions inside your grow room. For instance, if it’s exceptionally sunny outside, your grow room is going to get hotter quicker than you expect. And we all know how even a small change in the environment can dramatically affect plants. 

A multipurpose grow room controller can eliminate any inaccuracies caused due to human error. It will instantly detect the temperature change with its sensors and trigger the ventilation and air conditioning to turn on. 

Unlike humans, a controller won’t forget to turn on the lights or dehumidify the grow room. This way, it can maintain a consistent environment and mimic the optimum natural conditions of a plant better. 

Gives Higher Yields

Because a controller can give your plants the love and care they need, you can achieve a higher yield and high-quality crops with it.

Without fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and CO2 and consistent light schedules, a controller can make plants healthier and more luscious. 

Gives you Remote Access 

Do you miss going on weekend trips? By using a controller, you can leave your house for days at a time without worrying about your plants dying or getting weak. 

This is possible due to the wireless-enabled controllers, which are readily available for small scale and large scale farmers alike. 

They allow you to note the readings from the various sensors in the controllers and monitor how well your plants are doing. A few clicks on your smartphone’s screen will enable you to change the settings on the controller. 

Of course, you’ll have to make sure your controller is connected to a stable WiFi connection while you’re away. But other than that, there’s not much you’ll have to worry about. 

Moreover, you can also get customized automated irrigation systems that many manufacturers offer. Simply connecting to the reservoir will irrigate your plants without you having to do anything. Some of these devices can also monitor plants’ hydration levels at the root level and water them accordingly. 

Of course, that sort of irrigation comes at a high price. However, it’s something worth investing in considering how tiresome irrigating plants can become. 

Provides Valuable Data

With time, growers learn through multiple trial and error sessions what conditions work best for their plants. But with the help of controllers, you can quickly realize what combination of nutrients, irrigation, temperature, etc., is most suitable. 

This is because most controllers record data and readings in their memory. They allow you to analyze lots of valuable data without you having to measure each individual environmental factor yourself. Once you recognize the faults, you can easily manipulate the climate to grow the next batch to perfection. 

Reduces costs 

Probably the most important driving factor to use controllers, especially for medium to large-scale growers, is that they reduce costs. By fine-tuning the climate till it becomes optimum, growers reduce the chances of failed crops. 

Moreover, you won’t be overusing any resources since the controller knows exactly when to shut off or turn on what. According to a study, manipulating variables at the right time using controllers can save 25-30% of energy in grow rooms. 

Final Words

Can you do without a controller? It depends on your grow room’s size, the number of plants you have, and the time you can invest in them. If you have a growing grow house with many plants or want the best outcome without experimenting first, consider investing in a multipurpose controller. 

It will reduce operating expenses while keeping your plants healthy and happy. Get ready-made controllers or buy extensive, customized controllers for grow rooms and their irrigation; it depends on your budget.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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