How Active People Can Incorporate CBD Into Their Wellness Routine

CBD has seemingly taken over the wellness world in recent years. Once just an obscure extract sold by just a few companies for a select niche audience, now it feels impossible to shop online or read wellness blogs without seeing it mentioned. There’s good reason that CBD is so talked about: It’s effective—and many claim to experience great results with it. 


CBD is unique in that it’s useful for a variety of purposes and lifestyles. Whether you’re a senior citizen who wants topical support or an athlete who wants an alternative CBD anti inflammatory cream, there’s a CBD product for you. 


Today, we’re going to focus on active people of all degrees and how they can incorporate CBD into their wellness routine seamlessly. Everyone is different, with varying goals and lifestyles, but with these tips, you should be able to leverage CBD to better support your wellness goals. 


How Do You Stay Active?


One of the first keys to optimizing your wellness routine with CBD is to determine how exactly you stay active. The wellness routine of an Olympic athlete is typically different than a casual jogger, and that’s understandable. These two people put their bodies through different stressors and will likely need a different level of support in their wellness routine. 


Chances are, if you’re not a full-time athlete, you need a wellness routine and CBD wellness products that fit around your schedule. You don’t have the time during the day to take long naps or sit in an ice bath after a workout like a professional might. Instead, you need practical, holistic products that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle and help you stay at the top of your game. 


Understanding your daily routine will help you narrow down the type and formula of CBD topical products you’ll enjoy most. Typically, active people enjoy CBD post-workout, to give them a boost and help their bodies. Or, maybe you want a solution to help you unwind after a long day full of meetings, errands, yoga classes, or adventures. Everyone is different, so understand when and why you’d like to enjoy CBD.


What’s Your Experience with CBD?


CBD isn’t exactly new, with companies such as Apothecanna, for example, offering CBD products since 2009. Even though CBD just recently reached mainstream appeal, you might already have some experience with it. If so, you might understand how your body reacts to CBD more than a beginner would, and just need to fine-tune how you’ll experience CBD to best support your other wellness products and habits. 


But, if you’re totally new to CBD, you’ll likely engage in a bit of trial and error at first to best understand how CBD affects you, and that’s completely normal. From different amounts to different formulations, just like any wellness product, finding the perfect CBD solution for you is an experiment. However, with all of these things covered in this guide, you can make better choices initially. 

Consider the Additional Ingredients


As with all wellness products, it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. Some might make the mistake of looking for the milligram count of CBD first and basing their decision on that alone. While CBD is what you’re looking for, some brands have created custom formulas with additional active ingredients that help bring out the best in CBD. CBD alone has its benefits, but when these other active ingredients work with it, it’s a heightened experience. 


For example, Apothecanna utilizes ingredients such as peppermint, juniper, and arnica in their signature Relieving Body Cream, which works like an anti inflammatory cream. The peppermint provides a soothing experience, while juniper and arnica provide relief. All of these ingredients work hand-in-hand for an overall wellness-boosting experience. Every brand will have their own unique formulations, but when it comes to topical CBD products, check the label before you commit. You should see a host of other skin-nourishing and wellness-supporting ingredients in addition to CBD. 


What Are Your Goals with CBD?


What do you plan to get out of your new CBD products? Are you seeking something that will help you unwind at the end of a long day or something to kick-start your mornings? Or, maybe you have unique skin concerns and are hoping that topical products with CBD will be better than what you’re currently enjoying. Whatever the case, it’s essential to know what you want to get out of CBD so you can best set your expectations. 


Brands will precisely formulate their products that fit specific needs and wellness goals, so knowing your own goals ahead of time can improve your overall experience. As you’re shopping around, read reviews, look deeply into the product descriptions to learn more about what the product’s intentions are, and, when you feel confident, hit the order button and try for yourself.


To help you narrow down your choices and provide targeted application, here are some of the most popular CBD topical solutions active people might enjoy. 


CBD Body Cream


A CBD body cream primarily works like any rejuvenating cream you’d typically enjoy on your skin with the added benefits of CBD and additional enhancing ingredients. You’ll find the best CBD body cream will feature ingredients such as arnica, juniper, peppermint, and high-quality CBD. If you’ve experienced CBD already and want something that packs more of a punch, you should seek out an extra-strength version. 


Circulating Cream


As an active person, your legs and feet have to endure quite a bit of movement and action. From running to walking, jumping, squatting, and more, to be at your best, you can’t forget about them. A CBD circulating cream is formulated to give your feet, ankles, knees, and legs the jump-start they need to take on the day. Look for a formula with not only CBD, but also powerful, aromatic essential oils from ginger, grapefruit, and capsaicin. 

CBD Deodorant Spray


For most athletes, deodorant is their go-to product to help them feel and smell fresh. CBD deodorant brings even more benefits than your typical product, and a spray provides exceptional coverage too. If you’ve ever read the label of a typical deodorant, it’s full of weird, unknown ingredients. So seek out a CBD deodorant spray that offers a more natural approach, integrating ingredients such as cedar to soothe the skin, mandarin to provide a fresh scent, and other ingredients to keep you comfortable throughout the day. 


CBD Body Oil


Finally, a CBD body oil provides a rejuvenating experience to ensure you’re ready for whatever the next challenge brings. Typically, people enjoy a body oil for targeted application. Body oils are also thinner than creams and can absorb quickly. For the best CBD body oil, look for one with key ingredients such as juniper, arnica, CBD, and peppermint.


What Matters Most


Your CBD products should support your goals and help keep you on track daily. In addition, the brand that you choose should support these goals as well. Experience matters in the CBD world, and although it’s just been gaining attention over the last couple of years, some brands have been producing high-quality, effective CBD products for over a decade.

About Apothecanna


Since its founding in 2009, Apothecanna’s mission has been to spread the ancient wisdom and benefits of traditional, plant-based wellness to the public. Each ingredient in an Apothecanna formula is included for a reason. With nearly every ingredient being an active ingredient, you can expect results from every product. Every formula uses premium botanical and wildcrafted ingredients, meaning Apothecanna’s products allow you to get the best that nature has to offer. The company’s products are third-party tested, assuring customers of quality, concentration, consistency, and purity. Apothecanna’s website offers CBD wellness essentials, including an anti inflammatory cream, hydrating cream, bath soak, and more to help you chill out. 


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Author: Shane Dwyer
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