Highland Pharms Review

Highland Pharms is a CBDO company that aims to live with nature and not go against it. You can see it on their sustainable choices and use of organically grown hemp. The company offers a great product lineup from CBD oil to vape oils and CBD extracts.

There might be a slight issue with a few ingredients but overall, their formulas are quite remarkable. The company was able to make vape oils without propane glycol (PG) and introduce raw CBD extract.

Here’s a more detailed review of the Highland Pharms brand.

About The Company

Highland Pharms is founded by Luke Johnston and Eliot Harris to provide people a healthy alternative to medicinal drugs. The founders believed that pharmaceutical companies are contributing to horrible side effects to people.

Luke was the biggest crusader of the CBD oil miracle as his illness was cured by this oil after battling an illness in 2016. Highland Pharms carries his high legacy and still seek for his inputs when making decisions. The company story is truly sincere and sentimental.

As for its name, it’s taken from the place where the company is based in the Highland Lakes region of Texas. The company is dedicated to use organically grown hemp from local sources and use carbon dioxide extraction to produce the CBD oil. With its use of biodegradable packaging from potato starch, the company gets positive points for sustainability.

Product Offerings

The product line of Highland Pharms is mostly full spectrum. Here’s a complete list of their products:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures with MCT Oil: The mint and strawberry flavors are fully natural.
  • CBD Gummies: It’s rare that we see gummies made of natural flavors and colors. Highland Pharms excels in using natural colors from carrots, pumpkin, and apple concentrate to make delicious gummies.
  • CBD Vape Oil with Terpenes: Unlike other CBD brands, Highland Pharms doesn’t use PG which can cause an allergic reaction to some people.
  • Hemp Plus Vape Oil: This one contains polysorbate 80 which makes us cautious. Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifying substance that’s been treated with chemicals.
  • CBD Hemp Cream and Lotion: This product contains a chemical preservative known as Optiphen. This preservative has polysorbate 60 and phenoxyethanol present.

Other products are CBD oil for pets, raw CBD extract, and terpene blends for vaping.

Although there are some chemical additives present in their lotion and vape oil, the entire product lineup is impressive. The company was able to use natural flavors and colors for their gummies and they got rid of PG on their vape oil. Therefore, we deem the products safe.

There’s a little uncertainty though. Although the company posts the certificates of authenticity (COAs) for each stock keeping unit (SKU). some of the SKUs have no results for contaminants.

Bottom Line

Highland Pharms has a sincere and environmental character. They produce premium CBD oil and offer 100% natural gummies, as well as, raw CBD extract. While the company posts their CoAs for every SKU, some of them lack results for contaminants.