Five Tips on Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil has become amazingly popular among pet owners, triggering a shopping frenzy on a worldwide level. Considering the huge interest of pet owners for this product, the number of vendors is constantly on the rise. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all sellers are reliable and all products are safe for use.

The most common way of purchasing CBD oil is ordering it from an online vendor, such as, providing its clients with a full spectrum and laboratory-tested products.

Therefore, prior to making your first order, make sure you check the following aspects so as to choose the best variant.

Pay attention to the amount of THC

Although the terms cannabis and hemp are often used interchangeably, it’s paramount to know the difference in order to choose a safe CBD oil for your beloved pet. In fact, the main distinction between the two plants lies in the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, also called THC. The former is known for its high percentage of THC while the latter contains only a bare minimum of the compound, up to 0, 03 percent.

Since THC is widely popular for its hallucinatory effects, it’s crucial for your pet not to consume a large quantity of this compound, preferably none. Tetrahydrocannabinol doesn’t affect humans and animals equally, as animals would immediately get intoxicated by the drug, unlike people who withstand the psychoactive effects in a better way.

Therefore, when purchasing CBD oil, make sure you look for information on the amount of THC. If possible, order a product that contains none or one which doesn’t exceed the amount of 0, 03 percent.

Make sure it’s full spectrum

Another important consideration when choosing this product is verifying that it’s full spectrum, by attentively inspecting its label.  It’s essential for the oil to be full spectrum, as apart from containing CBD, it should also contain other beneficial cannabinoids.

Among the most prominent cannabinoids are definitely CBC and CBG. Both of them are helpful in the prevention of the further growth of cancerous cells as well as for alleviating inflammation and reducing pain. The more cannabinoids it contains, the greater the health benefits for your pet. Read more about their role and effects.

Ask for a certificate of analysis

A crucial factor to be checked when choosing CBD oil is whether the vendor is able to provide you with a certificate of analysis. This document is of great value, since it states the laboratory results on the product in terms of the THC amount as well as the presence and amount of other cannabinoids.

Moreover, the online vendors who have obtained such a certificate, will undoubtedly have this information posted on their websites. These laboratory tests tend to be rather expensive, which suggests that if a seller has made them, the results would be proudly stated online.

Thus, make sure you momentarily disregard those vendors who haven’t included information about this certificate on their official sites. They aren’t likely to have performed the necessary tests, as otherwise they would proudly share them with their potential customers.

Pet CareMake sure the tests are performed by an impartial lab

Although most online vendors state that they have a certificate of analysis, don’t trust the information until you’ve checked whether the product is tested by an unbiased laboratory. Ask to see a copy or some kind of proof of the certificate, as it’s the only way to check if the results are credible.

Know the country of origin

Another significant factor to consider when choosing CBD oil is the country or origin, actually the place where the hemp plant is grown. It’s vital for the product to be organic in order to be sure that the plant was grown in clean conditions.

The hemp plant is an incredible absorber of all the environmental factors, so if the air, water or soil is polluted, then the product itself would be contaminated. In case it is, the laboratory results would show the presence of potential contaminants.

Wrap up

When purchasing CBD oil, look for one which contains a combination of cannabinoids, but no THC.

Make sure it’s an organic, safe and laboratory-tested product!

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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