Elixinol CBD Oil Review

Hemp-derived CBD oil is the new health craze as a lot of people are now using it in the desires that it will heal their illnesses. Although CDB oil isn’t a product to cure all diseases, it shows a great promise to provide instant relief while offering fewer adverse side effects than medicinal drugs. CBD oil is known to several health conditions such as chronic pain, muscle pains, and arthritis.

If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD product to treat your health problem, Elixinol might be your best solution. This brand offers a variety of premium hemp extracts and potent CBD oil. Good news if you’re living in the US states because the company currently provides free shipping.

To know more about the Elixinol and its products, keep scrolling to read our Elixinol reviews!

A Closer Look at Elixinol CBD Oils

Elixinol is one company that has been creating waves in the CBD industry. This Colorado-based company has been reliable in offering several hemp-based products in oil and capsule forms since 1991. One of the passionate leaders behind Elixinol is Paul Benhaim who was one of the most popular figures in the international hemp industry.

The goal of the company is to make the highest quality of CBD product that would help ease the medical problems of people. The company is truly one of the leaders in cannabinoid extraction and it clearly shows in their finished products. Thanks to its high-quality CBDO extract, the company has been featured on many news outlets grabbing the attention of the mainstream market.

As for the price, they used to be expensive due to their use of modern equipment and most up-to-date extraction methods. The price only become affordable for everyone when they decided to create radical investments to enhance their economy of scale in 2013. Up to this day, Elixinol still remains as one of the producers for the best CBD oils in the country.

Product Range

Elixinol has created several best-selling CBD products which include Hemp Oil Tinctures and CBD capsules. The company takes pride in its unique product range of CBD Topical Hemp Balms which are known to give positive effects to skin and joints.

Compared to other CBD companies which keep of making dozens of various products, Elixinol seems to focus more on quality than quantity. They only provide a few product categories.

  1. Elixinol CBD Oils

Elixinol’s CBD oil is available in three flavors: grapemint, natural, and cinnamint. They’re sold in three different strengths: 300mg, 600mg, and 900mg. While the 300mg and 600mg are packed in a 1-oz bottle, the 900mg option is sold in 4-oz bottles.

Take note that Elixinol CBD oil is giving free shipping to all US states. You can check the prices here.

  1. Elixinol CBD Capsules

A bottle of pre-dosed Elixinol CBD capsules can either come with 30 or 60 pieces. A 30-capsule bottle costs $44.99 while the 60-capsule bottle is around $79.

In every capsule, it contains 15mg of CBD and 375mg of hemp extract. The hemp extract is full-spectrum containing essential terpenes, phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and Omega acids.

  1. Elixinol CBD Topical Lotions/Creams

Elixinol offers one of the largest range of CBD topical creams and ointments in the industry. It includes the following: moisturizers, lip balms, face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and topical CBD hemp balm. Lately, the company introduced Sativa, a new line of high-quality hemp-based skin care products.

Topical hemp extracts are usually used to ease arthritis and joint pains but there are some people who use it to treat several skin conditions, like eczema. The price of the topical CBD cream can go between $7.99 to $44.99.

  1. Other Products

Elixinol also offers other CBD products, such as:

  • Hemp-based food products: These are perfect for vegetarians and vegans who want a sufficient supply of protein in their daily diets. The options are shelled hemp seeds ($14.99) and hemp protein powder ($19.99). The hemp seeds can be added to your dishes while the protein powder is often used in post-workout smoothies and meal replacement.
  • Hemp-based pet care items: They are sold for all dog sizes. The price varies from $23.99 to $34.99.
  • Hemp oil liposomes: This is the brand’s new line of CBD liposomes which are quite the same to their CBD capsules except that the exterior is made of fat lipid content known as liposomes. Liposomes are the new drug delivery method used in the CBD industry. They allow more active components of CBD to be absorbed in the body. They’re available in two strengths: 300mg and 1,000mg.

What We Love About Elixinol

Elixinol is known for its quality. To win the competition, this brand continuously invests a remarkable amount of cash, time, and resources to keep its high-level status. All of its CBD products are tested by a third party, and they have been created from organic hemp strains and modern carbon dioxide extraction process.

Here are the things that we love about this brand:

  • Safety: All products seem to be safe from any contaminants. Elixinol has pioneered batch testing by posting results on their website.
  • Quality: Elixinol uses the most recent carbon dioxide extraction process to retain the active therapeutic compounds of the original plant material. Such compounds include terpenoids, cannabinoids, and essential oils. This makes them able to make the best quality full-spectrum product.
  • Innovation: If there’s one thing that Elixinol excels, it’s innovation. Elixinol has developed one of the most efficient oral applicators for concentrated CBD oil products in the market. Their applicator prevents the CBD oil from decomposing by protecting it from sunlight and air.
  • All Natural Ingredients: There are no synthetic ingredients found in Elixinol CBD oils. Their CBD oil is only derived from the purest strains of CBD-rich hemp.

Where To Buy Elixinol CBD Oil?

The most convenient way to purchase Elixinol CBD is online. The company has a website that’s very easy to navigate and the ordering process should take less than 5 minutes.


To buy on their website, simply select the product that you want. Add them to your cart and pay upon checkout. You’ll know that your order has been processed when you receive an email. The item should arrive in a few days.

As already mentioned above, Elixinol offers free shipping to all American states. They do offer worldwide shipping but it’s not for free. As for their return policy, you need to contact them for any problem.


It’s clear to see that Elixinol is one of the major players in the CBD oil industry. Their greatest advantage is the quality of their products. Take for example their tinctures which have full-spectrum terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and essential fatty acids.

Elixinol offers nutritional hemp seeds to provide your daily source of protein and enjoy the healing properties of CBD. If you want a healthier alternative to pain killers, CBD oil is your best choice as it offers the same pain-relieving effects.

Check their full line of products at www.elixinol.com.