Does FedEx Hire Felons – Does It Use Background Checks?

Company History

A few premium brands come to mind when we talk about postage and shipping items. One of these popular brands is FedEx. This multinational firm, well-known for its timeliness and excellent service, provides a wide range of services. This company’s headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. FedEx currently employs over 300,000 people and is rapidly expanding.

Due to the nature of the company that this corporation has, the greatest care must be given when employing staff. Simply explained, FedEx’s business is to handle people’s shipments and valuable goods. As a result, FedEx personnel, including package handlers, must be honest and loyal. If you want to get a job here, you should remember that.

Furthermore, whether sending or collecting items, many consumers engage with FedEx employees. These employees are an embodiment of the organization, and their actions represent the company’s values.

As a result, it is frequently assumed that FedEx does not hire felons. However, this is a misunderstanding because FedEx does hire felons as part of its employment practices. FedEx provides equal employment opportunities to all job candidates, including offering jobs for felons, and it does not discriminate against applicants based on prior convictions. The corporation accepts the Fair Chance Ordinance of San Francisco.

Does FedEx Hire Felons for a Job? Yes!

The company urges qualified ex-criminals to apply for jobs since they are treated equally and the company does hire felons. FedEx also indicates that a criminal history does not preclude you from applying. Individuals with a criminal history are instead evaluated based on characteristics such as the severity of their crime, how long ago it happened, and how the crime relates to the employment for which the felons are seeking.

Background Check Before It Can Hire Felons

FedEx, like many large corporations, conducts a basic background investigation on all potential individuals who apply for a job, including as a package handler. Following the completion of the interview session, it is corporate policy to do a background investigation on the finalists for a position. This implies that you must be completely honest about your felony conviction throughout the interviews. Remember, you can still get hired for these jobs since it does hire felons in many cases.

Depending on where you live, your records may already be sealed or available for background checks. Businesses cannot get criminal records that are more than seven years old in various states.

Some states have far greater time restrictions for keeping criminal records, and some can publish criminal convictions that are more than 40 years old. If you have a felony conviction, it’s a good idea to look at this in your state.

Be patient as your background checks may take one to two weeks to complete. If you haven’t heard back from the recruiter within two weeks, try contacting them. This demonstrates tenacity and interest, so you may still have a possibility of being hired. After passing the background check, you would be given an introduction before beginning your new position.

Does FedEx Hire Felons? How to Get Hired at FedEx with a Felony

FedEx does hire felons and the company conducts its whole hiring process electronically. Look for jobs that you believe you are suited for and apply to all of them. When you click apply, the first choice that appears is to upload your résumé. They claim you may ignore this section, but we disagree.

That’s fine since we created a guide to help you construct an outstanding résumé. We understand that you may lack “real-world” work experience if you have a felony. This may make you afraid to create a CV at all. We’re here to tell you that you’ve got a lot more experience than you think.

How many learning possibilities did you have while incarcerated? Consider all of the jobs you’ve held:

  • Librarian,
  • Clerk,
  • Kitchen Helper, and
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Landscaper Chapel employee

Anything you do in prison teaches you and provides you with experience. Because of the environment of prison, you most certainly learned some excellent negotiating skills.

The company should approach you for an interview if you are a good fit for the job at FedEx. Prepare for everything that comes with it. With a buddy, rehearse some fundamental interview questions, such as:

  • Is FedEx drug testing their staff?
  • Are there any entry-level roles available?
  • Is it true that FedEx conducts background checks?
  • Does FedEx hire felons?
  • Is it possible for FedEx to hire persons with misdemeanors?

What Is the Starting Pay at FedEx?

Applying for a job at FedEx may expose you to more opportunities. FedEx pays its drivers and parcel handlers more than its rivals on average. A warehouse worker’s beginning compensation is typically $12.75 per hour. Warehouse employees earn an average of $14-15 per hour.

To begin, delivery drivers may expect to make roughly $27,000 per year. Experienced FedEx delivery drivers earn between $35,000 and $45,000 per year on average. FedEx truck drivers make approximately $65,000 per year.

Scanner operators start at around $10.30 per hour. Material handlers and package handlers earn an hourly wage of $14.66 on average but may earn up to $22.05 per hour.

Bear in mind that FedEx is a massive firm with numerous subsidiaries that operate as different businesses. As a result, pay in these various branches may differ significantly. Salaries may also differ based on where you live.

Workers in relatively low-income cities and towns around the United States may be paid less than those in large, costly cities such as Boston, Miami, New York, and San Francisco.

Can FedEx Hire Me with a Felony Conviction?

Five things you should know if you want to work at FedEx as a felon.

1. FedEx Cannot Ask You about Your Criminal Background

As a result, the business does not use the ‘box.’ Companies are expected to remove the question about criminal past from the online application as part of the ban-the-box push. While this data is not requested on the FedEx job application form, you would be forced to justify your criminal past during the interview.

2. FedEx Does Not Have Any Specific Programs for Convicted Offenders

Some businesses have initiatives in place to help convicts find work after they have been rehabilitated to society. FedEx, on the other hand, does not operate in this manner. If you want to participate in such programs, you must contact the unemployment office in your area. Some job bureaus can also tell you of any programs that can assist criminals in finding work.

3. FedEx Conducts Background checks on Prospective Employees

FedEx conducts a background check on you after you have filed your application and been interviewed. This check assists them in determining whether you are a suitable candidate for the FedEx Corporation.

Your criminal background is revealed in your criminal records. This check also assists the organization in ensuring that all of the information you supplied regarding your prior convictions is correct.

4. You Can Be Subjected to a Drug Test

You can be submitted to a drug test before being hired to work at FedEx. This test can reveal whether or not you use illegal substances such as cocaine, meth, marijuana (in some jurisdictions), and a variety of other narcotics. If you fail the drug test, you cannot be hired by FedEx.

5. Felons Are Evaluated Separately

This means that each job application is evaluated independently of other job applicants who may have committed a comparable crime. FedEx instead evaluates criminals looking for jobs based on the severity of their previous convictions.

The corporation also considers how long it has been since the conviction. You have a better probability of being hired by FedEx if you have been out of prison for more than seven years. The number of crimes the potential employee has committed may also be taken into account.

Does FedEx Hire Felons? How Do You Fail a Background Check?

If you have a criminal record, there is a possibility you may fail a background check at FedEx. This is especially true if the charges on your records are related to the position you’re looking for.

However, just because you “fail” a criminal history check does not imply that you cannot be hired. Employers cannot refuse all job applicants with a criminal record or risk facing a discrimination lawsuit.

If you have any worries about anything on your record, speak with FedEx before the background check. This candor can help you gain their respect, and it may even help you get the position despite a criminal record.

What Should I Look Forward to after Applying as a Package Handler or Loader?

When you apply and walk-in for your drug test or face-to-face interview, the managers would examine your physical features to determine whether you are healthy, fit, and muscular enough for the position.

As a package handler, you must pick up packages weighing between 0.05 and 50 pounds, and sometimes more. This, nevertheless, does not apply to all positions at FedEx.

What Should I Look Forward to after Applying as a Delivery Driver for FedEx?

After seeking employment as a delivery driver, you should expect to go through an in-person interview as well as a drug test.

FedEx investigates your driving history in order to assure the safety and reliability of its drivers on the road.

For instance, if you have a record of running red lights, receiving speeding fines, receiving DUIs, and other traffic offenses, they may decide that the role of a delivery driver is not suited for you.

So, does FedEx hire felons? Yes!

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