DO CBD Creams Really Help with Pain or is it all hype?

With all of the recent articles emerging about how much CBD can do, you may begin to wonder if things like CBD cream can really provide the benefits that they claim. How exactly does CBD cream help with pain?

Is it possible for it to relieve pain as effectively as it’s said to, or is it mostly hype and placebo effects?

What Exactly Is CBD Anyways?

CBD is short for “cannabidiol,” which is just one type of cannabinoid among the hundreds that have been discovered. They are amazing compounds that hold unique properties, depending on the type of cannabis they’re derived from.

For instance, THC is a type of cannabinoid that produces the psychoactive effects associated with smoking marijuana. CBD has no psychoactive properties while providing great medicinal benefits.

Does CBD Really Have Health Benefits?

There are a lot of sources going crazy about CBD’s uses for your health. It’s been shown to improve conditions from seizures to chronic pain. People are very excited because this provides an alternative to many medications without the harsh side effects that may come along with them.

It’s being regarded as a bit of a panacea, or a cure-all. It certainly seems that way as you scroll through the long list of medicinal benefits! You may raise a skeptical eyebrow to these claims, can one substance really do all of those wonderful things?

We’ve seen it too often before, that the hype of a new super-food or natural remedy dissipates as people realize it’s may not live up to its hype.

Often times treating and curing illness, particularly with natural products, takes cumulative efforts and seldom only requires one product. But is CBD different? It is quite unique, in fact.

There is a special system of cannabinoid receptors within our body, giving CBD it’s almost miraculous ability to regulate the body. A recent study shows that the cannabinoid receptors in the body are directly linked to the central nervous system.

Can CBD Really Help With Pain?

There is also a growing body of research arising around discovering the benefits of CBD. So far there is firm proof that CBD help regulates, including blood pressure, heart rate, and reduce inflammation and pain. And more people are talking about how CBD has helped their particular problem or condition.

It is certainly helping a large number of individuals! But what about CBD creams for pain? Does CBD cream work through the skin effectively?

Apparently, CBD cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream from the skin in the form of creams.In this video Dr. Bond talks about how topical CBD works with the body to reduce pain.

But many people still find it incredibly effective for managing pain. Why is this? The effectiveness of CBD creams is due to their ability to reduce inflammation, thereby reducing nerve sensitivity and soreness in that area.

At Harvard Health Publishing, they talk about how CBD is proven to help managing neuropathic pain. This is the type of pain that is typically ongoing and acute. It can be caused by nerve damage.

This makes it particularly great for arthritis, aching muscles, and other local pain. For whole body pain, taking CBD orally is typically more effective. But CBD creams can drastically help when pain is localized to a single area.

To conclude, CBD is proven to have benefits for reducing inflammation and ongoing pain. CBD creams are best used for localized pain and can be taken on a daily basis. A CBD Cream Study shows that creams are extremely effective in reducing localized pain. There are additional benefits of CBD that help to regulate your body and reduce stress levels, which can even further promote the benefits CBD has to provide for relieving pain levels.


Author: Kevin Rachett
Kevin is the founder and chief editor at He has been a long time CBD user and a big advocate of CBD for medical uses.


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