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Ready to buy one of the leading CBD oils on the market but you just want to save a few bucks?  We have a direct relationship with this vendor and due to an advertising agreement we are able to extend a serious discount in the form of a CBDPure coupon code you can use at checkout.  Save money on the high-quality hemp oil that is sold in three varied strengths.  Laboratory tested and backed up by a 90-day guarantee, you won’t find a better place to source your oils.

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CBD Pure Coupons 2019

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Quick Facts About CBDPure

  • Free of artificial ingredients, this industrial grown organic hemp is grown in Denmark.  Using only full spectrum, pure hemp oil, this possesses terpenes and cannibinoids your body deserves.  5 Mg of CBD are in each one gram serving, and this product is made in the USA.


  • As with other hemp oils, you’ll see that the color will vary from a clear color to a dark shade of brown.  When you see a darker oil, you can assume there is less filtering.  A clear or off-white oil is usually due to the inclusion of vegetable glycerin, and this is found mostly in oils meant for vaping.


  • The smell will be “Earthy,” which means it’s very pure and natural.  It’s consistent with other CBD oils for sale.

If you browse our site, you’ll see that we sing very high praise for this brand, and for good reason.  We analyze every company for quality of product, third party testing, and of course, performance.  You’ll be happy to hear that this brand does the following testing on their products:

  1. Cannabinoid Profiling
  2. Pesticide Testing
  3. Microbiological Screening
  4. Terpene Analysis
  5. Residual Solvent Testing

You’ll see the product marked with a lot number which you can use to cross-reference the results online if you contact the company and ask.  That sort of transparency goes a long way in our book.  You also get a 90 day guarantee on the product or your money is returned in full.

For more information, read the CBD Pure review.  We break down why this is one of the best brands in the business as well as talk about the product at length. You won’t find a breakdown this simplified, yet analytical, at any other website.