Cannabis Strains to Get You in the Fall Spirit

Summer is coming to a swift close, which means all those citrusy strains you have socked in your stash are slowly becoming unseasonal. You don’t want to be reminded of pool parties and backyard barbecues while the trees are turning colors, and for that reason, you need to head to the nearest dispensary in Las Vegas and pick up some autumnal weed.

You can always ask a knowledgeable budtender for recommendations close to home, but you should jump on the chance to pick up any of the following fall-forward strains:

Apples n’ Cream

A favorite in Colorado, Apples n’Cream is almost indistinguishable from a baked apple dessert, thanks to its notes of cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and, of course, apple. However, unlike apple pie, you shouldn’t save this strain for after supper; it will give you a powerful burst of energy, so you might savor this strain during a cool autumnal morning.

Bubba Kush

Deep, rich aromatic notes of coffee and dark chocolate mingle with earthy, hash-like flavors to make Bubba Kush feel like a warm treat on a crisp fall evening. Once known for its high THC content, this classic strain offers a comfortable high that feels like a cozy blanket of euphoria.


Admittedly, Cornbread doesn’t taste much like cornbread. Instead, this strain has a complex aroma of lemon, honey, lavender, spice and grain. Even so, Cornbread goes perfectly with chili and football, especially because it incites the appetite while keeping the body and mind delightfully relaxed.


The strain Frankenberry and the cereal it is named after having a number of eerie similarities. For one, both have sticky-sweet, berry syrup flavors. For another, both are somewhat rare, not appearing in many grocery stores or dispensaries. Finally, both Frankenberry and Frankenberries are fantastic for fall, which is why one of them is only available during the season of Halloween.

Garlic Juice

Cooler weather often brings heavier food, which is why Garlic Juice makes for a tasty and filling strain in the fall season. Intensely herbal with a delicate orange-apple zest, this strain tastes like a well-seasoned pot roast without filling you up before a hardy dinner.

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is one of the most underrated strains of all time, and not just during fall. With bright citrus tempered by just the right amount of skunk, Golden Ticket provides unending energy and creativity, like a ray of autumnal sunshine.

Hazelnut Cream

We will keep searching for a good pumpkin spice strain, but in the meantime, you might enjoy Hazelnut Cream. Sweet and velvety like Nutella, this rare strain pairs perfectly with a sweet pastry and a glass of warm milk. However, with a 21 percent THC content, it is often only available to medical marijuana patients.


A cross between two legendary strains, Jack Herer and Skunk #1, J1 blends brown sugar and citrus zest like an orange and apple pastry enjoyed while peeping leaves changing colors. In fact, the upbeat high provided by J1 makes it the perfect accompaniment for a fall hike.

Oregon Diesel

Because you can’t have fall without farmers markets, you shouldn’t let this season pass without smoking some Oregon Diesel strain. An exquisite mixture of berries and gasoline, this strain evokes a trip to the farmer’s market in an old pickup truck, and it will give you the giggly, joyous feeling of heading home with a basket of delectably fresh produce.

Vanilla Kush

The sweet earthiness of vanilla is like the flavor version of the crisp warmth of a fall day. That’s why Vanilla Kush, an impeccably balanced sweet-and-soil strain makes for a quintessential hit during this season — it is like a warm hug from a good friend.

White Buffalo

If you can’t get through fall without spending time outside, you will likely enjoy the fresh, earthy scents and flavors of White Buffalo. Freshly cut flowers, felled logs and turned earth combine harmoniously in this strain, which provides pure euphoria as its primary effect.

There are many strains that evoke the summer, and some that are right for the winter. Finding the perfect fall strain can require a bit more finesse — so we made it easier by compiling this list.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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