Cannabis Market and Strains Info and Review

Right now, all everyone can talk about is cannabis. If this is something you have avoided in the past, you are not alone. But, people are starting to realize that this plant can have a lot of benefits. Here is some information on the cannabis market and strains that are available so that you can learn more.


The Cannabis Market


Over the last few years the cannabis market has been booming. Indeed, its popularity does not show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. For example, the market is thought to be worth over $20 billion. More countries are legalizing cannabis and hemp is also becoming popular for CBD.


The Two Types of Cannabis


First of all, there are two main types of cannabis that you want to be aware of before you look at all strains available. This includes sativa and indica. The reason you want to learn about these two types is that there may be one you prefer to take over the other.


For example, a lot of people choose sativa due to having an energizing effect. It is supposed to make you feel good, which may help to reduce the anxiety you are feeling, as well as lowering stress levels. It might also help with creativity and concentration. It can also have higher amounts of THC and a lower dosage of CBD.


Then there is indica cannabis. This is the other option you have and it is said to have full-body effects. Namely, people choose indica because they believe that it may help with overall relaxation and even help you to sleep and beat insomnia. Thus, while you can feel energized and ready to go with sativas, indicas are supposed to do the opposite. It is supposed to be more calming. It can also contain more CBD.


The Different Strains to Be Aware Of


It is also important to be aware of the different strains of cannabis that are available. We are going to briefly describe some of them so that you can get an idea of what you can expect with different strains.


First of all, there is Acapulco Gold. This is a sativa cannabis strain, which has low amounts of CBD, as well as higher amounts of THC. A lot of people try this strain if they want to beat stress and fatigue. It may also help with pain management. You can find out more at 9leaves.


Another sativa cannabis strain that you might come across is Sour Diesel. This is another option that can have one percent CBD with 20 to 22 percent THC. This can be useful for dealing with acute pain, stress and anxiety. Here are some other sativa strains that are available and in general use:


  • Maui Waui
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Supernatural


There are also some popular indica strains you will see. This includes Purple Kush for insomnia and Grandaddy Purple, which people use for restless leg syndrome and even a low appetite. Some other indica strains out there are:


  • Afghan Kush
  • LA Confidential
  • Northern Lights


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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