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If you smoke flour, like 99.9% of us reading this site do, you have a serious need to get rid of the lingering odor that smoke graces us with.  I won’t call it a foul odor, because as a weed smoker, I enjoy the aftermath of a good smoke and like it to linger around for a while.  I’m probably in the minority with that thought, but still, there’s a serious need for a product that eliminates blunt smells and other odors associated with smoking marijuana.

Until now!  

I’ve found a product that when I stumbled into it, I thought it was too good to be true.  It promised to “not be your Grandma’s air freshener,” and I can agree, it’s anything but that!  I was shocked that I found this, because I spend a lot of time on cannabis forums, and I’d never heard of this product (and people talk about eliminating odor all the time on those forums.)

These air fresheners, called Blunt Power, are sold in many scents – over 250 of them at the last time I made an order, so you can customize your smelling sensations to your liking.  (I go into which ones I like down below.)  So what was my experience like?  Please read on to hear about my experience with the Blunt Power air fresheners.

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What are Blunt Power Air Fresheners Like?

I have one word for this question:  POWERFUL.

On my first use, I accidentally sprayed myself (I took a bad angle) and the Pine Air scent got into my shirt.  It was a pleasant smell that had me thinking I was in the mountains of Colorado, which I really love, so I wore that around all day.  These air fresheners are easy to use, easy to carry around, and they smell amazing.  Check out the picture below of the few products that I sampled. Again, they have many scents, over 250 in fact, and I just chose a few that I thought would be interesting to try out and see how they performed.  I’ve been recommending these to friends of mine, both people who smoke, and who don’t smoke, because they work that well.  I’ve found they work on the following:

  • Pet Odors
  • Odor from sports equipment
  • Food left in the car overnight on accident
  • Create a pleasant aroma in your home or vehicle – almost like incense does.

What Makes Blunt Power Different?

Almost anything you buy in a big box retail store will be an air freshener that is water and alcohol based.  That’s why the smell disappears so fast!

Blunt Power uses an oil-based formula designed to linger around any room.  It’s as simple as using a few sprays and they will last for many days.  It seems hard to believe, and over my years of smoking marijuana, I’ve tried everything from incense, to Lysol, to those tree air fresheners in my car.  NOTHING works as well as Blunt Power.

At the end of the day, if Snoop Dogg uses this air freshener, is there really a better option?  

Here are the scents I sampled as well as a quick take on each one.

Check Them Out at

Blunt Power Reviews

Here’s my take on each flavor I tried:

Coconut Vanilla:

The scent is straight from the beaches of Malibu in my opinion, while their website describes it as a coconut vanilla cream pie scent.  Either way, it’s amazing!

Ocean Breeze:

A rejuvenating, fresh spray that had me feeling the smells of the ocean, no matter how far inland I was!

Pine Air:

Think Mountains and pine needles. Is there anything more wintergreen than that?  


The great smell of espresso beans can clean up the worst lingering odors!


Imagine smelling a freshly sliced Hawaiian pineapple.  I’ll just leave it right there.  

The company also sells incense, but I didn’t sample any of those.  I find these as the perfect product to have in your car, in your home, at your office, and in your locker.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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