Bleach Discovered in Many Delta 8 Distillate Products

Delta 8 products have risen in popularity lately, but at a cost. Delta 8 is known for providing all of the health and psychoactive benefits of delta 9 thc (what you’re probably used to) but without the negative effects. It’s been described as a “functional” alternative. Although Delta 8 THC is rarer than delta 9 THC, advancements in technology have enabled it’s extraction and commercial production thus resulting in a wave of delta 8 products such as gummies and vape cartridges being created. However, the bleaching of Delta 8 THC has become a big problem and a health hazard.


Why Delta 8 is Being Bleached

In an interview with Julie Helmer, the Chief Operations Officer at Freshbros, she outlined how bleach is getting into Delta 8 products. For context, Freshbros is a major producer of Delta 8 THC products and Delta 8 Distillate as well as other types of raw materials and private label services.

Frequently, commercial accounts will ask for Delta 8 Distillate that’s clear instead of pink. And this is where things get complicated.

In its most stable and natural state, Delta 8 Distillate is rose colored. Rose colored Delta 8 Distillate is the safest form of the product that has the highest potency. However, Delta 8 Distillate that’s clear “looks” better and “cleaner”, but in fact, is not. The only problem is that in order to make Delta 8 Distillate clear, you essentially have to bleach it.

Not only does this mean that there are trace amounts of bleach in products that consumers are smoking or eating, but it also destabilizes the Delta 8 distillate, rendering it less potent. Although, scientifically, we don’t know the effects of smoking/ingesting bleach with Delta 8 THC, common sense tells us that it’s not great for our health.


How to Avoid Bleached Delta 8 THC Products

In the scope of the growing hemp industry, Delta 8 THC is a relatively new accessible product for consumers with incredible effects. For this reason, we caution consumers to do their own research on where their vendors are getting their supply from and to encourage them to be using rose delta 8 distillate in their products instead of bleached distillate.

To sum up this article, in the words of Julie Helmer:

“The color variations relate to the pH level and different acid activated media used as bleaching agents used to remove the color from the distillate. This causes the pH level to be acidic, which makes the product unstable. Over time, the distillate will turn pink and even purple. The lack of color in Delta-8 distillate is popular and is desired in the industry. However, if you are going to smoke Delta-8 distillate in a vape cart, keep in mind there is likely some of the bleaching acid still present, which I, personally wouldn’t want to inhale. Who wants to smoke bleach?”

If you are looking for Delta 8 THC products, or a company that produces the raw materials for delta products, then feel free to contact Freshbros.


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Author: Shane Dwyer
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