All About E Liquid: How to Shop in an E Liquid Store

There are many options when selecting the most suitable electronic cigarette cartridge: how much nicotine should be in it? What flavor? Thick or thin cartridge? Since it is not possible to use just any e-liquid with any chosen electronic cigarette, it is necessary to take into an account not only your needs and preferences, but also the needs of your equipment.

As not all cartridges are ideal for all electronic cigarettes, buying your eliquid onlineĀ can be quite a challenge. Here are some tips on what parameters to look for before purchasing the kind of cartridge that you will be satisfied with. It is the PG/VG ratio, nicotine salt/free nicotine, the nicotine power and finally, the flavor.

PG / VG ratio

The first parameter you want to look into while selecting a suitable load is the ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to plant glycerol (VG). E-liquids are available in different proportions (30/70; 50/50; 80/20 and others) and each is suitable for a different type of e-cigarette.

In simplified terms, the more PG, the lighter the cartridge and the more it is suitable for smaller electronic cigarettes intended for mouth-lung vaping. Thus, if the e-liquid contains more PG than VG, it is not suitable for powerful e-cigarettes for direct lung vaping.

For large clouds and performances, you will need a thick refill that can withstand a properly hot spiral. These include those with a higher VG content. In general, 30PG / 70VG cartridges are sufficient for all low-resistance atomizers. However, you can also find those with a higher VG content to create even larger and denser clouds.

Choosing the right ratio is absolutely essential, not only for the quality of usage but also for the longevity of your e-cigarette. A small e-cigarette with too thick e-liquid will cause cotton to burn, the same can happen with too thin a cartridge in a more powerful device, when there is an unpleasant overflow likely to occur.

Free nicotine or nicotine salt

While most cartridges contain so-called free nicotine, we are starting to encounter e-liquids with nicotine salt. Read here about the nicotine salt. For those who vape directly into the lungs, nicotine salt is not the suitable substance. Such users will then stick to the usual e-liquids.

Those users who do mouth-lungvaping (like in case of classic cigarettes) have to think about how much nicotine they need and whether they are lighter or heavier smokers.Light smokers will surely enjoy lower strength of classical liquid nicotine. Heavy smokers, on the other hand, have a choice. Conventional high-strength nicotine has the advantage of a strong “kick” in the throat and for which the nicotine salt is ideal. It also delivers higher concentration of nicotine into the human body faster.

The power of nicotine

The next major step in choosing the right fill is the strength of nicotine. If the nicotine is too weak, it will leave the user craving for cigarettes. On the other hand, if the nicotine is too strong, vaping will be difficult, leaving the user prone to coughing.

In general, a maximum of 6mg is used when vaping directly into the lungs, while most people stay in the 1.5mg – 3mg range. Of course, it is quite common to vape directly into the lungs even without nicotine. And though they are exceptional, there are even those smokers who prefer higher dosage than that of 6mg.

There is a greater selection when it comes to mouth-lung vapers. Here two different parameters have to be taken into an account: Is the user a light, medium or heavy smoker? And how many cigarettes is he smoking within a day? Unfortunately, the power of classic cigarettes per mg of nicotine in e-liquids cannot be converted with accuracy. That being said, if we have to do an approximation, the lighter smokers would choose the fillers with a nicotine strength of 1.5mg – 6mg, the medium smokers would go for the strength of 6mg – 12mg and the heavy smokers would prefer the range of 12mg – 20mg of nicotine.

When it comes to the strength of nicotine in nicotine salts, while 20mg in conventional e-liquids is unbearable for most users, 20mg in nicotine salt will not be such a problem, as it is sensitively equivalent to the usual 3mg – 6mg strength of classical e-liquid nicotine. However, the efficiency with which nicotine is absorbed from the salts plays an important role as well.


While we could classify the above categories as objective fill parameters that apply across all users, the flavor of the cartridge is something subjective and different to each taste. Also, cartridges have different longevity of their flavor. To know more as to how long vape juices last, click here:

Choose the flavor of e-liquid according to what you normally like. Do you like strawberries? Try some filling with strawberries. Do you not like menthol? In that case, cool e-liquids may not be ideal for you. A large number of customers rely on referrals, but the fact that someone likes something doesn’t mean you like it too. Choose according to your taste and what you love.

Cartridges for electronic cigarettes can be divided into several categories. Tobacco, fruit, sweet, menthol and beverage. Try out a couple of representatives to see if cake delicacies, fruit bombs, exotic cocktails or perhaps tobacco are good for you! The wide range of e-liquid flavors available gives a chance to experiment before finding the most suitable one to stick with.

Author: Shane Dwyer
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