A Simple Guide for Buying Your Bongs Online

Even the most veteran smokers have to do some digging when buying a new bong. There are so many options to choose from, which is a good thing but also confusing for many. That’s why I decided to write a simple guide on buying a bong online. I have shared all its types and several other things to check before you finalize one.


3 Types of Bongs

All bongs can be divided into three major categories by their style. Each bong has its qualities. Which bong should you buy, depends on your preference.

1.      Beaker Bongs

Beaker Bongs are larger in size and have a broad base to hold water. They are more stable than other bongs. Their smoke is also less dense compared to other types.

2.      Straight Tubes

Every beginner usually starts with Straight Tubes. They offer everything that entices a newbie – dense smoke being top in the list. It requires minimal effort and you can inhale the smoke straight up the tube. But their bases aren’t very reliable. If you are not careful, it tips over because of the small base.

3.      Recyclers

These bongs are complex in built but more efficient than any other. They are mostly used by experienced smokers for concentrates. They have two chamber system and an intake tube to recycle the water. They filter the smoke of water, making it smoother and also cool the vapor in the way.


Things to Consider

There are also a few things to consider other than the style of the bong. Your experience won’t be as efficient if you don’t get them right. Besides, some bongs require extra care and effort but, of course, that effort isn’t for nothing. High maintenance bongs are also more effective and fun.


Add Ons

There is a few add on options with the new bong you buy. They are not necessary but add to experience if you know what you are getting. The following four are the most common add ons.

Percolator: it is used to cool the smoke and make it less harsh.

Ice Pinch: it is used to hold ice which is also used to cool down the smoke.

Ash Catcher: it’s a level of filtration to separate ash from the smoke.

Splashguard: the bong water isn’t clean. Splashguard blocks it from getting into your mouth.

Joint Sizes

Bongs usually come in three different joint sizes. Smallest is 10 mm and you can’t slide down pencil inside it. One is 14.5 mm, and the biggest is 18.8 mm. It will be easier to match with a new one if you get a bong with the same joint sizes; that is, in case you accidentally break a downstem or slide. Big Daddy Smoke has a large variety of bongs to choose from and they have shared complete details of every single one. Make sure you thoroughly read bong’s features; it helps you understand what you are buying.


The bong will occasionally need cleaning once you start using it. It gets filled with tar and smoke stains. It also affects the taste if you don’t clean it. Some bongs are easier to clean while some require effort. The bongs with percolators are difficult and time-consuming, even with only two or three of them. It takes only seconds to clean if there are no percolators in your bong. In the latter case, I recommend you get an ash catcher instead of percolators.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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