5 Must-Try E-Liquids

Vaping uses e-liquid that comes in many flavors. It is important to buy a product that is safe to use over the long term. The best ones are made with vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavoring. Nicotine can be an added ingredient. Vaping can be a safe, enjoyable pastime, or it can present health hazards if the wrong equipment or vaping products are used. Purchase e-liquid only from trustworthy companies.

What is Vaping and E-juice?

A person may be tired of smoking and want an alternative way to relax and get their nicotine fix or ween themselves from the nicotine habit altogether. Studies have shown that up to seven of ten smokers would like to quit. But, quitting an addiction is no simple matter. Vaping with E-juice is an alternative. There are multiple options from IndeJuice for flavors and for amounts of nicotine used in the vaping process.

But, what is vaping? Vaping is when a person inhales an aerosolized liquid from a device filled with a vape liquid that is heated up and aerosolized into millions of tiny drops or mist that is then inhaled. No smoke is involved, so people think it is less harmful than cigarette smoking for other people near the vapor.

One popular way to vape is with E-cigarettes which are battery-operated smoking equipment. They contain cartridges filled with a liquid that contains chemicals, flavoring, and optional nicotine. The person is inhaling vapor rather than smoke. Including nicotine in the E-liquids used in vaping devices is a choice that can lead to addiction. But, smokers often turn to vaping to quit smoking by gradually reducing the amount of nicotine in the vaping liquid until there is none.

What choices are there for E-liquids?

Trustworthy manufacturers of vaping liquids or E-liquids offer thousands of choices with and without nicotine. Suppliers such as IndeJuice carry the best, safest brands for their customers. So, purchasing these products from a trustworthy supplier assures getting the best quality, safest products to use. A good start is to choose 5 E-liquids to try, then decide on a favorite one.

The vape-juice or E-liquid is the substance that vapors need to refill vaping devices. It comes pre-packaged in three forms which include shortfalls,regular 10mls forms, and Nicotine Salts. The first one is for those who want little or no nicotine in their vaping juice. The next two are for those who use vaping as a nicotine delivery device minus the smoke, or those who are working on reducing smoking.

A vapor’s choice of E-liquid is dependent on what the reason for vaping is. Some people enjoy the act of vaping without the health risks and adictive qualities of nicotine. Other people want what they feel is a safer way to get their nicotine fix.

One big advantage of vaping and vaping liquids is that there is so much variety in flavors and the choice of just how much if any nicotine is ingested by vaping. The most important factor for vapors is to shop carefully for a reasonably safe vaping juice and to use the safest devices and practices for vaping to avoid lung damage or other possible health issues.

Safer Vaping Choices

Vaping is very different from smoking, even if a person uses a device that mimics the shape of a cigarette. It is important to use care in choosing the level of nicotine in any E-liquid. All liquids are different and each product is produced differently in a unique way. To be safer, don’t use friends or other informal sources for e-liquid. Avoid THC-containing liquids, and don’t modify E-liquids.

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