According to reports, CNN reporter Nic Robertson found rows of cannabis plants near the wall of the compound where terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden met his end. Since opium poppy is such a big business in that region, some are speculating that the crop wasn’t for selling purposes, but could have been used to treat Bin Laden’s kidney pain.

Of course we may never know – although I’m sure more information on how Bin Laden spent his days will be forthcoming in the future – but if it is true, it shows how far cannabis knowledge has spread around the world. They have been growing marijuana in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan for thousands of years. Even evil people like Bin Laden probably know of the healing properties of cannabis. After all, evil people don’t like to be in pain either.

Cannabis does not discriminate. It will help bad people just as readily as good.

Joe Klare

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  1. AVFF

    Oh, Nic robertson was out of battery ? his numeric was not working for this incredible shot ???
    He took pretty good pictures of the sheep, but not of the plants.. He took pictures of anything, but not of these plants..
    Are you kidding me ? and now, the false news spread the world, for what purpose ? future will tell us. But ask the neighbours, look at all the pictures, If you find one Cannabis plant on it, I will pay you a Magnum of Champagne, Veuve Cliquot

  2. Come on folks!

    Wake up cannabis community, haven’t any of you EVER heard about cannabis being native to the Himalayan Valleys of Pakistan? I’ve heard that, perhaps on overgrow or wikipedia.

    And I’ve been to Abbottobad and Islamabad and I can tell you, 99.99% of the weed I have seen in my middle aged life was the stuff growing wild in Pakistan. Islamabad on a hot summer’s day smells like a bag of weed!

    This is a reporter fail, folks. If that guy just showed up in Pakistan, he might have an excuse, but I think he is sensationalizing a story to get attention.

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