Folium Biosciences Review

Thinking about starting your own CBD oil business? With CBD oil becoming insanely popular around the world, there is currently a huge demand for it and a lot of money to make for companies. There are two ways to start a business selling CBD products, either you source hemp and create the product yourself, or you could simply buy white label products and put your brand name on it. There’s also another option of buying wholesale CBD ingredients to create a unique formula.

If you are interested in hitting the CBD oil industry with your own product, then Folium Biosciences is a company that can definitely help you out. The company is a wholesale supplier of hemp-derived CBD oil containing 0.0% THC. They have cosmeceuticals, white label products, wholesale ingredients, and animal health products.

About Folium Biosciences

Folium Biosciences was founded in 2014 right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was one of the first ever companies in the U.S to receive a legal license to grow, produce, process and distribute industrial hemp. The company is fully registered with the Department of Agriculture in Colorado. All of their phytocannabinoid-rich hemp is grown carefully under the compliance with the landmark agricultural improvement act, also known as the Federal Farm Bill.

Since its inception, Folium Biosciences has set high standards and continue to bring people premium hemp-based products and ingredients. They have gradually become one of the world’s largest known hemp extraction companies.

Salient Features of Folium Biosciences

  • Folium Biosciences is currently the largest known hemp extraction company in the world.
  • They are a leader in IP technological in the cannabinoid research, extraction, and development industry. They employ some of the best engineers, clinical researchers, and chemists to ensure their product is always the best.
  • Folium Biosciences is also one of the largest CBD manufacturers in the world when it comes to food products, supplements, individual hemp ingredients, and production. They are also currently the only hemp company in the U.S who has issued been a Certificate of Free Sale and a Manufactured Food Establishment License by the Colorado Department for Public Health and Environment. With these certifications in hand, the company has become an industry leader by manufacturing, processing and fulfilling their unique phytocannabinoid rich CBD oil, finished food products, and water-soluble technologies.
  • Folium Biosciences is also one of the few companies in the United States that provide hemp products with 0.0% THC broad spectrum water soluble CBD powders and oils.
  • Because their products contain 0.0% THC, they are not only able to ship their bulk and finished products to customers in North America but also worldwide.
  • If that isn’t enough, they are also the largest hemp biomass farmer which also makes them the largest hemp utilizer in the world for powder and oil-based products. Thanks to such a good profile, Folium Biosciences currently supplies its 0.0% THC phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil to a variety of different industries including personal care, health, wellness, supplement, and animal care industries.
  • With employees reaching 200, Folium Biosciences has also become a global leader in non-psychoactive cannabinoids. They grow their hemp on 300K square feet of indoor space in Southern Colorado. And their growing process also supports the agricultural intake, extraction, processing, and post-extraction operations.

Why Folium Biosciences

As a CBD oil business, there are three things you should always strive to have in your product. These are purity, consistency, and unique formulation. Folium Biosciences provides a finished product by farming, extracting, and purifying it. They also provide manufacturing facilities, on-site laboratory testing, and bulk distribution under a controlled process. Their vertical integration ensures that each and ever hemp-based CBD product is of the highest quality.

By getting your hemp-based CBD oil product or ingredients from Folium Biosciences, you get the following benefits.

Competitive advantage – The company’s unique genetics give its customers a wide competitive advantage over their competition because all of the hemp-based products are high CBD and low THC and never genetically modified.

High CBD content – Folium Biosciences provides phytocannabinoid rich hemp plants that are grown outdoors in Colorado. They are grown in such a way that they produce higher amounts of CBD compared to other growers in the U.S.

Purified products – all of the company’s hemp-based products go through an extensive extraction and purification process ensuring that you always get a 0.0% THC and broad spectrum oil.

In house development – If you are not interested in buying white label products from the company, Folium Biosciences also provides you with an in-house product development team who are equipped to create unique and custom formulations according to your needs. If you have a know-how of creating unique formulations, you can consult with their team and get a unique formula out of them to sell. Each product made at the company goes under a rigorous stability testing phase that ensures you get the perfect product made

Ready to use products – If you’re not the kind who want to create their own unique formula, then you can opt for white label products from the company. There is a large variety of ready to use CBD white label products available from Folium Biosciences. All you need to do is to have them rebranded under your brand name, have them shipped to you, and start selling to your customers. This is an ideal opportunity if you are a businessman/woman looking to leverage on the success of CBD oil using marketing techniques.


Folium Biosciences is without any doubt one of the best CBD oil producing companies in the United States. With their product on your shelves, you can be sure that you will easily create a large fan following. With their focus on quality, their products provide fast relief and are insanely effective.

And since they have a large variety of ready to use CBD products, you could buy in bulk and start selling products immediately to make a profit under whichever industry you choose.