[Editor’s Note: This week, we begin a new feature called “Ask An Old Hippie”, written by our residENT reefer writer and ganja geezer Old Hippie, who first tried cannabis in 1967 and the rest is history. Send your questions in to him at OldHippie@The420Times.com]

Nugs? Buds? Never heard of them.

All we ever saw was ground-up powdery stuff or crushed leaves (and twigs, and seeds…often all mushed together in what’s called “brick” today). Sometimes we saw little pieces of crushed flower, and we were amazed: it was actual proof that it came from an actual plant! Even on the rare occasions when we got good stuff (all the legendary names like Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, and Maui Wowie), it was pretty much in either of those two forms. Of course, this was “back East” in NYC, so mostly anything had to take quite a long trip before it got there. Every once in awhile, some amazing stuff came by that was reputed to be home-grown, but I’m sure any growing amateur today knows more than virtually anyone did back then. In the 70s, Thai Stick hit the street very rarely, and it was a wonder to behold: an actual stem with dried, pressed, flattened buds on it!

Anyway, my point is that there was another legendary type called “sinsemilla”, meaning “without seeds”, and none of us had even seen it. Fast forward to me walking into a dispensary for the first time last year…and the word is obsolete, because everything is sinsemilla buds! Just imagine how I felt after all those years…I didn’t even recognize the stuff — although all I had to do was smell it to know it was “the right stuff”.

Despite the anxious hand-wringing among many drug warrior types about how “today’s marijuana is so much stronger OMG isn’t it terrible”, what we did back then was actually smoke a lot more of it to get the desired effect. This was more dangerous for our health, since smoking is the least healthy (as well as most wasteful) way of ingesting cannabis. But we didn’t know any different back then. Today, we have vaporizers, capsules, and edibles of every type, so there’s no reason for patients to actually smoke except for nostalgia.

Old Hippie is a MMJ patient living somewhere in the wilds of California whose only link with the real world is a 420 MHz radio. He blogs on BeyondChronic.com and vapes on Sour Diesel.

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