U-Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine Kit Review

If you’re about to take a drug test and you know that the weed that you took last week will show on the results, then don’t take chances. A detox product is a good solution but only if you have the luxury of time to prepare. Synthetic / fake urine is preferred if you have to take a drug test on short notice.

Features Of U-Pass Synthetic Urine

upass synthetic urineThe U-Pass Synthetic Urine 8.4 is made to help you test negative on your drug test result. The urine mimics the composition, odor, and color of real human urine. Use this instead of your actual urine and you may have a large chance of passing the test.

U-Pass 8.4 resembles the actual color of human urine. It has the same shade of yellow and it stays that way for very long even when exposed to oxygen. This will look natural to the naked eye.

The smell of synthetic urine is also the same as the real urine. It doesn’t have a synthetic scent and it maintains the normal pH level of 4.6 and 8 to stay undetected.

The uric acid concentration and creatine levels are almost the same as real human pee. The creatine levels don’t go below 15 mg per kilogram of body weight.

How To Use U-Pass 8.4

As foolproof as it seems, you shouldn’t rest the results solely on the product. You need to do your part religiously.

One tip in using this product is to follow the instructions correctly. It must be heated before you submit it at the lab. The purpose is to increase the temperature to make it appear like real human urine.

Microwave the synthetic urine for 10 seconds as required. The temperature should be between 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Go for 100 degrees Fahrenheit so it remains within the range when you give the urine sample to the lab technician. Put the heat pad to the bottle to maintain this temperature.


If you’re a little tentative in using synthetic urine, read the positive reviews about the U-Pass 8.4 online. Many people have used this synthetic urine to pass the drug test. However, not all of them pass the test.

For better results, we recommend the Powdered Human Urine Kit from Test Clear. This product uses real human urine not synthetic.